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Big Trouble

Big Trouble By Dave Barry Big Trouble In the city of Coconut Grove Florida these things happen A struggling adman named Eliot Arnold drives home from a meeting with the Client From Hell His teenage son Matt fills a Squirtmaster f

  • Title: Big Trouble
  • Author: Dave Barry
  • ISBN: 9780425178102
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Big Trouble By Dave Barry In the city of Coconut Grove, Florida, these things happen A struggling adman named Eliot Arnold drives home from a meeting with the Client From Hell His teenage son, Matt, fills a Squirtmaster 9000 for his turn at a high school game called Killer Matt s intended victim, Jenny Herk, sits down in front of the TV with her mom for what she hopes will be a peaceful eveningIn the city of Coconut Grove, Florida, these things happen A struggling adman named Eliot Arnold drives home from a meeting with the Client From Hell His teenage son, Matt, fills a Squirtmaster 9000 for his turn at a high school game called Killer Matt s intended victim, Jenny Herk, sits down in front of the TV with her mom for what she hopes will be a peaceful evening for once Jenny s alcoholic and secretly embezzling stepfather, Arthur, emerges from the maid s room, angry at being rebuffed Henry and Leonard, two hit men from New Jersey, pull up to the Herks house for a real game of Killer, Arthur s embezzlement apparently not having been quite so secret to his employers after all And a homeless man named Puggy settles down for the night in a treehouse just inside the Herks yard.In a few minutes, a chain of events that will change the lives of each and every one of them will begin, and will leave some of them wiser, some of them deader, and some of them definitely looking for a new line of work With a wicked wit, razor sharp observations, rich characters, and a plot with twists than the Inland Waterway, Dave Barry makes his debut a complete and utter triumph.
    Big Trouble By Dave Barry

    • ☆ Big Trouble ☆ Dave Barry
      300 Dave Barry
    Big Trouble

    One thought on “Big Trouble

    1. Algernon on said:

      As it happens, the Herk household did have a dog, named Roger Roger was the random result of generations of hasty, unplanned dog sex among other characteristics he had the low slung body of a beagle, the pointy ears of a German shepherd, the enthusiasm of a Labrador retriever, the stubby tail of a boxer, and the intelligence of a celery Dave Barry may have written here a sort of National Lampoon s parody of the typical crime novel, but he brings into the equation a lot intelligence than the pro [...]

    2. Lois Bujold on said:

      Dave Barry channels Carl Hiassen Assorted lunatic south Florida types well, and a couple of dudes from New Jersey chasing each other around, albeit in a reasonably logically connected way, as their assorted plots and goals cross paths, clash, and burn It was, indeed, laugh out loud funny in parts.Continuing the compare and contrast, Barry is not so dark and edgy as Hiassen, nor are his characterizations, though consistent, at all deep there s barely time for interiority as the characters of Big [...]

    3. Roni on said:

      This is one of my two favorite books It was HILLARIOUS I really can t say what my favorite part is It could be either time when Matt attempts to shoot Jenny with a water gun Or maybe it s the incident with Arthur Herk and the toad who has hallucinigenic poisin Or perhaps the traffic jam caused by goats Anyways, this book puts the characters in the most ridiculus situations, and it turns out funny This book has made me laugh like no other book I have read I most definitly would reccomend it.

    4. Micah on said:

      There s a certain kind of rococo, hyperactive plotting that you tend to see from authors who aren t used to writing stories with a great deal of plot they understand that plot tends to denote Characters Doing Things, so everyone is constantly Doing Things, or on their way to go Do Things, or arguing about how they have to Do Things and how This Other Thing They Are Doing is interfering with this goal The plot pushes the characters briskly from one Terribly Exciting Situation to another, and neit [...]

    5. Chris on said:

      When I first saw this book, I thought what you re all thinking Dave Barry wrote a book A real book This cannot be And yet it can And it is And it s awesome.One of the major themes in Barry s newspaper column is that South Florida is insane Things happen in Florida that could never happen anywhere else Hell, Fark has a special tag for stories from Florida, such as Congresswoman accuses filmmaker of taking her support of Castro assassination out of context Man hires taxi to drive him to rob bank M [...]

    6. Emily on said:

      This is the hilarious story of a group of South Florida wierdos, who are most of them accidentally embroiled in a rather life threatening escapade The writing reminds me a little of Buffy, and the book actually references Buffy a couple of times I was literally laughing out loud on several occasions I know there s a movie made from this book, but it probably isn t as funny because the funniest thing about this is the descriptions of the background and the characters internal motivations You shou [...]

    7. Charlie on said:

      I found the book mildly amusing, which was disappointing because usually I think Dave Barry is laugh out loud funny I feel misled by the Stephen King blurb on the cover, which said that he fell out of his chair laughing while reading this book I spent my journey through the book wondering what in the world he thought was that funny I still haven t figured it out.

    8. Erin on said:

      eighteen majillion stars this man knows how to tell a story negative make that several dozen stories all tied together and NOT annoyingly cliche like crash or babel , but actually hysterical, in the kind of way that makes you want to laugh and be afraid for humanity at the same time s actually a thriller no kidding and i promise, you won t be able to put it down.

    9. Meg on said:

      An entertaining caper with some laugh out loud moments Likely to appeal to fans of Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey.

    10. Steven Kent on said:

      So it s October, 2002, and I have just touched down in Moscow on a business trip In the morning, I will be touring the city with Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris but guess what, I have the worst case of jet lag I have ever had.Let me set the scene Moscow was in a state of turmoil at the time, and crime was rampant There were stories about gangs kidnapping American businessmen I was not technically a businessman, but I was American and there was no way skittish Mr Kent was going for a midni [...]

    11. Paul on said:

      My God, this book was awesome I read it while in Hawaii doing some consulting for a few months I am a lifelong I m talking age 9, give or take fan of Dave s, but had never heard of this book before I saw it in a used bookstore in Honolulu.Obviously, since his usual metier is newspaper humor columns, I wondered how this would work out In fact, the result was the best possible leverage of his general sense of humor into a hilarious send up of a suspense novel I don t read a ton of Grisham or the l [...]

    12. Joe on said:

      This is the least funny collection of words I ve ever read from Dave Barry Instead of his usual hilariously takes on real world foibles, Barry gives us a novel re pleat with wacky characters and unlikely situations Strangely enough, this novel has a stronger heart than funny bone, as I came to care for the collection of befuddled single parents, lovelorn cops and not too cool teens as they try to prevent idiots from nuking Miami.Alas, the silly situations lack much of Barry s trademark wit, as s [...]

    13. Ludmilla on said:

      imdi bu okudu um en k t kitaplar listesinde, en az ndan benim nk arka kapa a bakarsak g lmekten yerlere yuvarlananlar mevcut, okuyan hemen herkesin yorumu bu T m g n d ar da otob ste ge irece imi d nerek e lenmek, hafif bir okuma yapmak d ncesiyle yan ma ald m bu kitap resmen kabusum oldu zledi iniz komedi filmlerindeki t m kli elerin bir araya getirilmi i diye d n n, bunu AHS gibi s per bir yoldan de il, yine kli e ve ucuz bir yoldan yapt n Anlat rken bile midem bulan yor Uzak durun, kesinlikle [...]

    14. Luffy on said:

      Big Trouble reminds me of the movie Scary Movie, due to the strict policy of making jokes while keeping the plot moving The first half of Big Trouble was very funny, the latter half not at all The book is very entertaining, though sometimes it loses its lightness and there is not a total lack of expletives and or nudity twice It was a bit sad how the young lovers i.e Matt and Jenny decided to forgo their love though not their friendship for the benefit of their elders Altogether, I m glad to hav [...]

    15. Marni on said:

      I can t believe that I have not reviewed this book yet This was one of the funniest books I have ever read This is another book that I picked up at an airport before a flight, and I think I almost finished it while flying cross country I do know for sure that when I was disembarkeing still reading as I was walking off the plane some guy tapped me on the shoulder and asked what I had been reading Turns out that he had been sitting behind me, and he said that I had been laughing out loud for hours [...]

    16. James Steele on said:

      Dave Barry proves he can write fiction Paced at break neck speed, and all the enjoyable for the sheer complexity of it all, I found the book hilarious, absurd, yet quite serious at the same time So much happens that it could be easy to get confused, but I never was Mr Barry kept it all straight and made sure the reader followed it as well The actual story is impossible to sum up because it just can t be simplified like that You have to experience how it s told to appreciate what it s telling Wh [...]

    17. Art on said:

      Dave Barry wrote this book nearly 20 years ago I finally got around to reading it Why did i wait so long The characters, the humor and the plot all stand the test of time.And Barry s novel is as funny as his columns A slapstick mix of wierdos, outcasts, incompetents and troublemakers populate an offbeat Florida that could only exist in Barry s mind well, maybe Hiassen Who else comes up with bandits trying to do an armed robbery wearing shoplifted black nylon masks that they can t see through

    18. Mark on said:

      Ah, crime in Florida Noted humorist Dave Barry takes a swing, and the result is not as smart as El Leonard or Carl Hiassen, not as discomforting as Charles Willeford, nowhere near as thoughtful as John D MacDonald, and not as totally freaking off the wall as Tim Dorsey But it s a fun read nonetheless, and recommended as a poolside book with an umbrella drink in hand I ll definitely look for the follow up, TRICKY BUSINESS.

    19. Louise on said:

      I liked thisI liked all the characters, their flaws, their mistakes, their good points there were a few I liked the whole load of trouble they managed to get themselves intoI liked it allbut then I was bound to, I am a fan of Carl Hiaasen and I felt this was like reading a simpler version of one of his booksI guess this will come from both being set in the same sort of place, with the same characters to draw on for stories.enjoyable.

    20. Ann on said:

      I might need a new genre silly thrillers If the author had been anyone but Dave Barry i.e not as funny , I might have been rolling my eyes I might not even have given it a chance at all But this was a fun romp, a quick read, and just what I needed to take my mind off my rapidly disappearing summer break.

    21. Kaye on said:

      What can I say that hasn t already been said about Dave Barry Probably nothing But this book made me laugh, stay up half the night, and thoroughly enjoy it I ve read lots of other articles by Mr Barry, but never before fiction I absolutely loved this one.

    22. Josh White on said:

      Interesting read Light and breezy, occasionally caused me to stop reading and laugh to myself Feels like the book version of a forgettable action crime comedy movie from the mid nineties That s actually a compliment.

    23. Tiffany on said:

      In the intro to this book, Barry has this warning this is not a book for youngsters He should have added nor for anyone with brain cells than a dog or celery which according to Barry is equivalent This has got to be the most idiotic book I have ever read SoWhat does that make me

    24. Finn on said:

      How funny was this book By the time I was finished I had a stomach ache from all the laughing.

    25. Tim on said:

      An excellent novel of humor and bad guys Its easy to see why this became a movie Barry is an excellent novelist when he wants to be 9 of 10 stars

    26. Mark Palmer on said:

      I usually like Dave Barry s humor, and I like zany stories But this first novel I found to be a mess to get through, and I really didn t enjoy it.

    27. Charolette(Night) Cleveland on said:

      Big Trouble by Dave Barry is a positively a masterpiece for those looking to begin reading adult literature And if you already read adult literature, and are looking for something witty and wild, this is the book for you Big Trouble is not set in a world filled with magic, or crazy murder robots It does not have unreal or unbelievable things within it unless you count seeing Elizabeth Doyle after a sugar cane toad excretes its glands in your face Or if you count nuclear bombs that look like garb [...]

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