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Ireland By Frank Delaney Ireland In the winter of a storyteller arrives at the home of nine year old Ronan O Mara in the Irish countryside The last practitioner of an honored centuries old tradition the Seanchai enthralls his

  • Title: Ireland
  • Author: Frank Delaney
  • ISBN: 9780060563493
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ireland By Frank Delaney In the winter of 1951, a storyteller arrives at the home of nine year old Ronan O Mara in the Irish countryside The last practitioner of an honored, centuries old tradition, the Seanchai enthralls his assembled audience for three evenings running with narratives of foolish kings and fabled saints, of enduring accomplishments and selfless acts until he is banished fromIn the winter of 1951, a storyteller arrives at the home of nine year old Ronan O Mara in the Irish countryside The last practitioner of an honored, centuries old tradition, the Seanchai enthralls his assembled audience for three evenings running with narratives of foolish kings and fabled saints, of enduring accomplishments and selfless acts until he is banished from the household for blasphemy and moves on But these three incomparable nights have changed young Ronan forever, setting him on the course he will follow for years to come as he pursues the elusive, itinerant storyteller and the magical tales that are no less than the glorious saga of his tenacious, troubled, and extraordinary isle.
    Ireland By Frank Delaney

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    • Unlimited Ireland - by Frank Delaney
      231 Frank Delaney

    One thought on “Ireland

    1. Neptunem on said:

      It is as if Frank Delaney wrote his novel, Ireland, to be an audio book Ireland is a novel about a Storyteller and the stories he tells about Irish history We are treated to the creation of Newgrange and the Book of Kells We learn about Brendan the Navigator and Conor, the King of Ulster Each story stands alone but together they form still another story I cannot recommend this book highly especially as an audio book.

    2. Karen on said:

      I read this for my book club and did not look forward to it What a surprise I was enchanted by the storyteller s tales The novel has both a plot and a history of the stories told by a traditional storyteller in Ireland Ireland has had a rich history of itinerant storytellers, and it was as if I were being read to rather than reading it myself Frank Delaney s goal is to tell the history of Ireland during the course of his life s work If any of his other books are anything like this one, I look fo [...]

    3. Bill Pardi on said:

      Ireland, by Frank Delaney, is a compelling and in some ways remarkable book When I found it I was looking for a history of Ireland I didn t get that, or at least not exactly This is a story of Ireland, told by examining the lives of several Irish individuals The main theme of the book is that you can t really understand Ireland with just names, dates, and facts To really understand the country and its people you must hear the stories behind the history, and the author does exactly that using som [...]

    4. Marialyce on said:

      I just could not get into this book at all I found the tales to be boring and the storytelling even worse I have many Irish friends who are able to tell a tale in a most fun and witty way They are never boring and with that true Irish wit and the glint in their eyes, they weave a story that amazes and thrills you or perhaps it is that wonderful accent and laugh they all seem to have naturally Frank Delaney, unfortunately, could not seem to muster up any enthusiasm in this reader He made me dread [...]

    5. Jim on said:

      Frank Delaney s Ireland reminds me of a caduceus, like the staff of the Greek god Hermes, with two intertwined serpents One of the serpents is the story of a young man named Ronan O Mara, son of a prosperous Irish attorney, who falls under the spell of the last of the traveling storytellers, known in Gaelic as a seanchai The other thread or serpent is the story of Ireland itself, from prehistoric times at Newgrange to the Easter Rebellion of 1916 in Dublin In between Ronan s quest to meet up wit [...]

    6. Jessi on said:

      This book was a gift from my dad, it is the story of a Irish boy whose life is changed by the visit of a storyteller at his familys home in the 50 s When the storyteller leaves town due to the frostyness and strait out bitch of a mother,the boy becomes obsessed with finding the Storyteller and learning all he can from him.So this was moved to the top of the reading pile because the Irish boy s name was Ronan and my sons name is Ronan and he is my most favourite person ever.This is my RonanHe is [...]

    7. Laura Leaney on said:

      A slow, winding read about the central stories that make up the core of Ireland s mythology and history The novel is framed by the story of Ronan O Mara, who journeys through a great swath of the countryside in search of an itinerant storyteller, a Seanchai, who created an enigmatic obsession in him when he was young Braided throughout his search are the facts and fictions of the country, as told by the mysterious storyteller Newgrange, Strongbow, the Battle of the Boyne, St Patrick, Hugh O Neil [...]

    8. Cheri on said:

      Frank Delaney has taken the legends of Ireland and the woven them together through charmingly written stories told by a wandering storyteller The life of the storyteller becomes intertwined with one special boy who is entranced by both the stories and the teller of the stories.

    9. Jean Carlton on said:

      I don t listen to many audio books because I tend to forget to listen and lose part of the story With this one I listened while hand quilting and it worked well I was able to stay focused as I was forced to sit in one place and the repetitive motion of quilting did not demand my attention The added benefit of making progress on my quilt and the motivation to hear of the story worked well Beautifully read by the author this was a joy to listen to and a good way for me to learn about Ireland and [...]

    10. Linda on said:

      Frank Delaney s Ireland is my kind of novel Rich with character, history, and lyrical language, it is at once the chronicle of a nation and the coming of age tale of a young man The story opens with the arrival of a man who may be Ireland s last itinerant storyteller, and from the moment he lights his pipe by the fireside, and begins describing the evolution of prehistoric New Grange, his audience is enthralled As is Ronan, who from that evening on finds his career and his very life shaped by th [...]

    11. Poiema on said:

      This was a fantastic book that combined history, myth, and imagination The stories of Ireland, ancient and modern, form the centerpiece of the book This could easily be a disjointed collection but the author skillfully weaves a backstory that ties the whole thing together beautifully The oral tradition of storytelling was kept alive by a roving master, nearly the last of his breed in 1951 His art sparks an awakening in a young boy in the audience, and the destiny of the two are deftly intertwine [...]

    12. Jonathan Briggs on said:

      As a folklorist, Frank Delaney is pretty decent As a novelist Frank Delaney is a pretty decent folklorist His book celebrates the Irish tradition of the itinerant storyteller who earns his room and board by spinning tales and captivating audiences One such storyteller, perhaps the last of his kind, drops by the home of 9 year old Ronan O Mara, and for three nights weaves his spell over the boy One of his stories gets Ronan s mother riled up, and she tosses the storyteller out on his arse, but th [...]

    13. Carly on said:

      This is now my favorite book I couldn t pick one specific aspect of the book that makes it my favorite, their are a variety of factors that do so First of all the fact that the book features a large selection of stories about Irish history Since I have little to no background knowledge on Irish history this book helped me to have a little information about it Not only did the stories help me to learn I also found them to be immensely enjoyable and I didn t want to put the book down.In addition [...]

    14. Sue Wargo on said:

      Near the beginning of this story the narrator of the story says a good story lifts the heart There is nothing like an Irish brogue in the voice of Frank Delaney telling a compelling story of Ireland I have enough Irish ancestry to celebrate St Patrick s day but know little of the stories and legends that pepper the Irish heritage and landscape I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the notion of a story teller who goes from home to home and village to village with not much than a story in his pocke [...]

    15. Anne on said:

      I often will read books along a theme This was one from my Ireland period It was a fictional story of the last traveling storyteller in the country, and the boy who became obsessed with following what he did The book intertwines include the storyteller s tales, which are fictional and historical stories of Ireland, with the the stories of the lives of the storyteller, the boy, and the boy s family And, like any good Irish story or at least the ones I grew up on , there s an unexpected twist at t [...]

    16. Justin on said:

      I was strongly recommended this book after reading and enjoying Delaney s subsequent work, Tipperary The acclaim from friends and colleagues was certainly not exaggerated the book immediately grabbed my imagination, and is one of the most enjoyable I have read in quite some time.The book opens with a fateful meeting between a young Irish boy, Ronan O Mara, and an itinerant storyteller who comes to stay at his family s house for a few evenings and regales the neighborhood with vivid, fascinating [...]

    17. Nicole on said:

      Ireland is a story about Ronan, a boy who hears a traveling storyteller for three consecutive nights, and is forever changed by the experience Ronan s relationship with the storyteller is mysterious, sometimes frustrating because the reader really identifies with Ronan s journey , moving and heartwarming It is lyrical, for the storytelling is rich with moments that make you sit back and collect yourself, because you didn t realize that there could be something so poignant written It is epic, for [...]

    18. Sarah Elizabeth on said:

      I finally read Ireland by Frank Delaney I have had the book since last summer, but I ran out of time toward the end of last year to read it entirely I read the first 100 or so pages at the end of last summer So I read a couple of books this year, and then went back to Ireland, telling myself that I wasn t allowed to read anything else until I was finished I was prepared for a long, laborious week of reading on top of long days at work, etc But I finished it in about three days I woke up early to [...]

    19. Joy on said:

      This book is outstanding At first I was dubious, because the description was that it was the history of Ireland But the introduction dispels concerns over a dry, dusty retelling of Irish history The author wrote that many a good history has been ruined by historians The basic plot is that a storyteller comes to a village and stays with a family and tells them three stories The boy is enthralled, and follows the story teller for years, collecting his stories For a long time the boy is always just [...]

    20. Amanda on said:

      Loved loved loved it This novel combined all my favorite things, a good plot and lots of stories, factual and fantasy and a bit of history I was interested in getting to the next story for most of the novel than the actual plot that threads them together, but that is the point of it isn t it I loved how well the Storyteller was able to detail the events of Ireland in such an easy tangible way, it really helped me as an outsider to understand things that have happened there and why things are th [...]

    21. Sherrill on said:

      I seriously loved this book I love Ireland and I enjoy reading anything about it I loved the stories the Storyteller told, all of them I had heard form my grandmother about the traveling storytellers and how they entertained before we had anything like TV and video games Every story he told was great and I can see why his grandson could not get enough of him and wanted to follow him even with his mother s rudeness Of course she wasn t his mother after all The first story about the architect was [...]

    22. Kw on said:

      I decided to read this in memory of my Irish brother in law, who died a year ago And a great choice it was, I ll tell you for sure This book offers a wonderful overview of Irish folktales, history, topography, and people The Washington Post stated, History, legend, memory and myth come seamlessly together They do.At first I thought it was Irish stories woven together by a novel, but it is those and so much I m so glad I made this choice I miss you, Bill.

    23. Rebecca on said:

      This book was so long, I thought it would last me all winter, but instead I inhaled it Truly the Irish are the master storytellers A great story, plus the entire history of Ireland It helped me understand how the geography affected the history So much sadness, yet it created a people determined to be happy.

    24. Mary JL on said:

      The different tales told by the storyteller are very interesting I had not read much on Ireland before and the tale were well told and interesting.A gentle, rich book not fast paced but slow like a warm afternoon with nothing to do but listen to a good tale.

    25. Heather Lutz on said:

      I love this book Story telling at it s best I am ready to go to Ireland to visit now with a lot knowledge about the history, the people and the place I have been to Ireland and this book is as magical as the country.

    26. Marinela "SAM" De Leon on said:

      Frank Delaney weaves this masterful tale of Ireland its heroes, myths, legends and everyday people through the mysterious Story Teller This traveler walks through Irish hills, valleys and mountains regaling folks with stories of courage, innovation, with and humor On one those story telling nights the Story Teller meets Ronan O Mara and their lives will forever be entwined as Ronan The young Ronan is beholden to the mysterious man and their individual journeys will end in a surprising way that i [...]

    27. Sarah M on said:

      It took me a little bit to sink into this one, but it was well worth the wait A lovely story wrapped up in a collection of legends, myths, recollections, fabrications, and history As the storyteller and his pursuer travel the countryside, I knew many of the town names and could recall some of the sites I ve seen in person during my visits to Ireland The storyteller grew up in the town of Ballina, just a stones throw from Aughavas where my own grandmother was born Highly recommended and thoroughl [...]

    28. Trisha on said:

      This colorful narrative filled with larger than life characters and lyrical language weaves together Ireland s rich history of myth, folklore, legend, history and song I enjoyed it all the because I listened to the Audible version which is wonderfully narrated by the author himself in a variety of delightfully authentic Irish dialects.The book starts in the 1950 s with the arrival of one of Ireland s last itinerant storytellers at the home of a young Ronan O Mara who becomes entranced with the [...]

    29. Sara Kreps on said:

      deftly weaves irish mythology with a current story for a very readable pleasure.

    30. Kelly on said:

      This seemed an appropriate book to fill my March with as I drove about One of the best things about the Audible version of this book is that it is read by the author himself, Frank Delaney And honestly, I don t anyone else could capture the voice of the last of the wandering bards of Ireland, the nameless Storyteller around whom this book so beautifully revolves.The description of this book hints at a family secret which is easy enough to guess as you are introduced to young Ronan, his parents a [...]

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