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Captain Alatriste

Captain Alatriste By Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Sayers Peden Captain Alatriste It is the height of Spain s celebrated golden century but beyond the walls of the Royal Palace there is little on the streets of Madrid that glitters The Invincible Armada has been defeated The shadow

  • Title: Captain Alatriste
  • Author: Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Sayers Peden
  • ISBN: 9780452287112
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • Captain Alatriste By Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Sayers Peden It is the height of Spain s celebrated golden century but beyond the walls of the Royal Palace there is little on the streets of Madrid that glitters The Invincible Armada has been defeated The shadow of the Inquisition looms large And the Thirty Years War rages on in Flanders When a courageous soldier of this war, Captain Diego Alatriste, is forced to retire after It is the height of Spain s celebrated golden century but beyond the walls of the Royal Palace there is little on the streets of Madrid that glitters The Invincible Armada has been defeated The shadow of the Inquisition looms large And the Thirty Years War rages on in Flanders When a courageous soldier of this war, Captain Diego Alatriste, is forced to retire after being wounded in battle, he returns home to live the comparatively tame though hardly quiet life of a swordsman for hire In this dangerous city where a thrust of steel settles all matters, there is no stronger blade than Alatriste s The captain is approached with an offer of work that involves giving a scare to some strangers soon to arrive in Madrid But on the night of the attack, it becomes clear that these aren t ordinary travelers and that someone is out for their blood What happens next is the first in a series of riveting twists, with implications that will reverberate throughout the courts of Europe No era el hombre m s honesto ni el m s piadoso, pero era un hombre valiente Con estas palabras empieza El capit n Alatriste, la historia de un soldado veterano de los tercios de Flandes que malvive como espadach n a sueldo en el Madrid del siglo XVII Sus aventuras peligrosas y apasionantes nos sumergen sin aliento en las intrigas de la Corte de una Espa a corrupta y en decadencia, las emboscadas en callejones oscuros entre el brillo de dos aceros
    Captain Alatriste By Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Sayers Peden

    Captain Alatriste Captain Alatriste The Spanish Musketeer Sep , Spain th century.Diego Alatriste, brave and heroic soldier, is fighting under his King s army in the Flandes region His best mate, Balboa, falls in a trap and near to die ask to Diego, as his last desire, to looking after his son Inigo and grow him as a soldier Alatriste has to come back to Madrid Written by felco Home Captain Alatriste captainalatriste seeks to enrich the reader with the nourishing English version of the Captain Alatriste series of novels After carrying out extensive research, it is evident from the passionate reader s point of view that the series has been widely distributed in the Spanish language. Captain Alatriste TV Series Captain Alatriste is Central to all events happening which ties all of the story lines together The religious beliefs of the Spanish play a large part in dealing with the English All being said the sword fights, personal relationships and dealings with royalty and the church keep a fast paced series of events. Captain Alatriste Perez Praise for Captain Alatriste Equipped with a quick witted, charismatic hero and much to provoke and goad him, Mr Prez Reverte has the makings of a flamboyantly entertaining series Captain Alatriste ends with a wicked flourish, an evil laugh, and a strong likelihood that Watch The Adventures Of Captain Alatriste Prime Video The Adventures Of Captain Alatriste Season In an age when life hangs between two swords, one man and his apprentice find themselves caught between the conspiracies of the Spanish court, the ruthless inquisition, and the ladies of their heart as gorgeous as they are cunning.

    • Unlimited Captain Alatriste - by Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Sayers Peden
      406 Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Sayers Peden

    One thought on “Captain Alatriste

    1. Fabian on said:

      You re in Madrid But the adventure here seems like a half adventure Indeed, has a minor climax is like very sustained though brisk foreplay It s too short to be miraculous, though it will inevitably leave you wanting Great Literary Hook

    2. Mario Espinosa on said:

      No s si fue por mi condici n de madrile o, o porque me gusta la historia, o porque fui afortunado y estudie en aquel Plan educativo que se llamaba EGB, con el que terminabas aprendiendo un mont n de cosas en este caso de nuestro Siglo de Oro , o porque me encanta c mo escribe P rez Reverte, o porque una historia donde los secundarios son Quevedo o el conde duque de Olivares recuerda a las novelas de aventuras de Alejandro Dumas, o porque la accion sucede por las calles que tan bien conozco No s [...]

    3. Algernon on said:

      Short and elegant a worthy addition to the panoply of memorable swashbucklers and a promising start of a long historical epic The plot is simple, and the action scenes relatively few The strong points are the recreation of the Madrid society around 1620 and the evocative language The story alternates between first person narration by the young page Inigo Balboa and third person view I wish I was fluent in Spanish and could read this in the original , especially the poems Captain Diego Alatriste [...]

    4. Bruce on said:

      Published in 1996, this is the first of a series of novels by P rez Reverte, novels set in 17th century Spain and featuring the fictional Captain Diego Alatriste y Tenorio I igo, his squire, narrates the action from his perspective as an old man, although some of the narrative is in the third person Alatriste is not really a Captain, this title having been taken by him during a brief battle in Flanders when his commanding officer was slain But he keeps the title in peacetime, during which he liv [...]

    5. BAM The Bibliomaniac on said:

      Captain Alatriste, a romantic soldier of fortune of Hapsburg Spain, is the protagonist of this series by Perez Revertez Just his luck to get embroiled in a dynasty scheme Reminds me of the Three Musketeers a bit Also, truly book one of a series This sets the stage

    6. Liviu on said:

      added may 2016 after visiting Spain Andalusia Granada, Seville, Cordoba and a few other places and Madrid and being impressed much than I expected probably due to the fact that in most of my childhood and even later books, the Spanish were generally the villains as those books were either English or French, but overall after visiting the three main Latin countries, Italy, France and Spain, i think I liked Spain the most overall , have to reread this as maybe now it will tell me after reading ab [...]

    7. Kelly on said:

      Swashbuckling Seriously That s all this book is about If that s not enough of a point for you Well You just don t know how to have fun.

    8. Clif Hostetler on said:

      The story in this novel takes place in the 17th Century Spain during the reign of Philip IV, the golden age of Spanish power The plot is based upon an actual historic occurrence in 1623 when the Prince of Wales Charles Stuart and George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, traveled incognito to Spain to try to reach agreement on the long pending match between Charles and Infanta Maria Anna of Spain, the younger sister of King Philip IV The fictional action of this book starts with its main characte [...]

    9. Evan on said:

      Okay, so I m teaching the second in a three course sequence on world theatre history, and we ve just been covering Spanish Siglo de Oro theatre Lope de Vega, Calderon de la Barca, Tirso de Molina, etc So I was searching around on you tube for some good recreation footage of a performance in a corral de comedias, and stumbled across a 2006 film called Alatriste with a very charming scene set in such a theatre At a certain point, I got a strange inkling of Aragorn rather than Aragon sure enough, V [...]

    10. Greg on said:

      I ve just finished Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo and was curious as to how a modern writer would treat this kind of story I ve read two works by Arturo Perez Reverte The Flanders Panel and The Fencing Master and enjoyed both and in fact the subject of fencing , as related in Monte Cristo Alatriste with duels, etc led me directly to Captain Alatriste I believe this book is the first of at least five in this series, and it serves a prologue to the rest of the story here we have a bit of Alatris [...]

    11. Peter on said:

      6 7 6 8First off, I can t remember the last time I started and finished a book in one day Yeesh Not a lot going on today I guess.Anyway, I have read and enjoyed several of Perez Reverte s books and have been looking forward to this series I was not blown away The characters were were pretty plain, and I really didn t like the narrator at all the classic I m old now and I m gonna tell you some stories from a long time ago type guy Also, The profanity he uses throughout the book doesn t work to ge [...]

    12. Darren on said:

      I read this last year and just could not at all get into it Put it down and left it there for about a year I read it again this year and could not say what I found so disagreeable the last time around Were there issues with the translation That is unfortunate and all too common for foreign language works Even this site doesn t list the translator, because I think most people don t realize what an artform translation is So I did some checking, and Margaret Sayers Peden is highly acclaimed in her [...]

    13. Windy Pineda on said:

      Concuerdo con las otras rese as que he le do sobre este libro Arturo P rez Reverte tiene talento para escribir su forma de narrar es entretenida y dan ganas de seguir leyendo la historia Ahora, con el perd n de todos, debo decir que la historia es en exceso b sica y aparte del bueno uso del recurso narrativo, la trama queda en nada En especial, hay cuatro puntos que me parecieron tan d biles, que me convencieron para darle la puntuaci n de dos estrellas y, por lo dem s, no seguir leyendo las con [...]

    14. Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk on said:

      It is interesting how we come to read certain books we like the cover, the bumf on the back sounds interesting, people are talking about it In this case I saw the film The Spanish Musketeer I thought the film was brilliant with one or two moments especially the battle of Rocroi which were an epiphany for me I looked up Arturo P rez Reverte and became interested in the fact that he had decided to write the Captain Alatriste series because he was disgusted at the poor level of knowledge of Spanish [...]

    15. Ensiform on said:

      Translated by Margaret Peden Set in the 1620s, this historical novel centers on the titular soldier, a melancholy man wounded in Flanders and now haunting Madrid as a sword for hire Hired by two masked men, who are clearly powerful officials, with the backing of a much feared Inquisitor, Alatriste is charged with killing two English travelers Sensing something wrong, he lets them live, only to find out later it is the Duke of Buckingham and Prince Charles, attempting to secure the prince s weddi [...]

    16. Jessie on said:

      I am a big fan of Arturo Perez Reverte, but this book was a little bit of a disappoint me for me As usual, Perez Reverte s writing style manages to mingle in an amazing amount of fascinating history within an otherwise simple plot The problem this time was too much history and exposition and too little actual plot I could tell you the whole story in about four sentences The narrator in the story is recounting tales from his youth so it s a little like listening to my grandmother ramble on He sta [...]

    17. Angela Bernabeu on said:

      Para que vean vuestras mercedes lo que son las cosas, y lo que somos Espa a y los espa oles, y c mo aqu se abus siempre de nuestras buenas gentes, y lo f cil que es ganarlas por su impulso generoso, empuj ndonos al abismo por maldad o por incompetencia, cuando siempre merecimos mejor suerte Una labor de documentaci n acerca del Siglo de Oro espa ol indescriptible P rez Reverte es un mago de las palabras.

    18. Dirk Grobbelaar on said:

      This wasn t bad The problem is, once you ve read the likes of Captain Blood other adventure tales pale in comparison.

    19. Vonia on said:

      I have been a long time fan of Arturo Perez Reverte, for a variety of reasons I will get to in a moment But before I begin my gushing, I would like to note my minimal disappointment in him for the Captain Alatriste series I find series, like television series, significantly difficult to write correctly It ends up leading toward quantity over quality, the adage less is coming in handy quite frequently As opposed to short stories or short films, to follow the analogy where condensing is the art [...]

    20. Clau Carrasco on said:

      No le doy las cinco estrellas porque el final es bastante abierto y la trama en si no es adictiva En t rminos generales me ha gustado bastante En base al libro he ido investigando sobre hechos y personajes que se narran en la novela y es bastante fiel a la realidad hist rica en muchos aspectos El persona De Diego Alatriste es fant stico, un hombre de honor dentro de su trabajo como espada a sueldo En la narraci n se entrev la opini n del escritor en algunos aspectos, incluso he podido leer frase [...]

    21. Lau on said:

      Me encantan las historias de aventura y espadachines desde que le Los Tres Mosqueteros cuando era chica Algo de ese estilo es lo que esperaba con el Capit n Alatriste, aunque realmente no se qu es lo que esperaba No conoc a al personaje hasta que hace unos a os sali la pel cula, y a pesar de que ten a en la cabeza la imagen de Viggo Mortensen, al Diego Alatriste del libro lo imagin bastante diferente y m s j ven.Lo primero que pens fue qu espa ol es todo y a partir de ah muchas veces tuve que fr [...]

    22. Derek on said:

      It was an era of quixotic, sterile deeds that determined reason and right at the imperious tip of a sword It is the late summer of the Spanish Empire Spain is at the height of its power Treasure ships arriving regularly from the New World, fueling the court scene in Madrid The defeat of the Invincible Armada has cast the first pall of mortality, and the indeterminable war in Flanders drains the country The Empire will not last, but meanwhile the court dances to the art of the theater, poetry, an [...]

    23. Commodore Tiberius Q. Handsome on said:

      I learned that every single Spanish author is better than every single American one I am extrapolating my survey of two Spanish authors this one and Zufon and applying it to the whole, though Anyway this splendid novel is a swashbuckler, featuring super Spaniard and swordsman for hire Captain Diego Alatriste y Tenorio, the eponymous hero and adventurer He spends most of his time in 17th Century Spain being awesome and running his rapier through suckers guts TAKE THAT BITCHEZ Historical adventure [...]

    24. Fletcher Vredenburgh on said:

      Terrific swashbuckling adventure set in Madrid during the Spanish Empire s Golden Age Even than the titular hero Captain Alatriste, the city of Madrid is the star of the book Poets duel with vicious verse, the hand of the Inquisition reaches from the shadows to work its will, and out of work soldiers fill the streets Perez Reverte brings a too little known in America age back to life and tells an exciting tale as well.

    25. Víctor Blanco on said:

      Recordaba este libro con mucho cari o Lo he pasado bien ley ndolo, pero la parte de I igo se me ha hecho muy pesada Tambi n los exabruptos de Reverte sobre el car cter de Espa a y los espa oles que, si bien me parecen muy acertados, en mi opini n pecan de presentismo y se reiteran demasiado Voy a por Limpieza de Sangre

    26. Adrian Fix on said:

      una lectura ligera y entretenida con grandes personajes ademas es un excelente libro para comprender mejor el siglo de oro.

    27. Yvonne (It's All About Books) on said:

      Pages 242 No era el hombre m s honesto ni el m s piadoso, pero era un hombre valiente view spoiler I had made a promise to myself last year to start reading in Spanish again, but apparently that promise was soon forgotten I only just managed to squeeze in this story before 2017 ended, which definitely wasn t what I had originally planned for the year I have read Arturo P rez Reverte s work in the past, so I thought the first book of the Adventures Of Captain Alatriste would be a safe bet This f [...]

    28. Lesia Joukova on said:

      I really really liked this one Arturo s works are beautiful and this one is so heavily influenced by the Three Musketeers that a fact from the book is even referenced throughout it like it s totally canon And I m fine with that I loved this book and I need to go on with the series I do think that if you speak Spanish, you should totally read that in the original, otherwise you re kind of missing out.This is one of those books where every sentence is a gem Maybe I ll read the 2nd one in Russian

    29. Stephen on said:

      As far as novels go, I think my favorites come from P rez Reverte This, a Spanish love letter to Dumas, is probably my second favorite novel of his It s full of gritty swashbuckling fun, with, and provides an excellent snapshot of Madrid in that time period.

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