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Lye Street

Lye Street By Alan Campbell Lye Street Alan Campbell has graced us with a word novella a prequel to his stunning fantasy debut Scar Night the first novel of the Deepgate Codex Lye Street ends just where the novel picks up

  • Title: Lye Street
  • Author: Alan Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781596061354
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lye Street By Alan Campbell Alan Campbell has graced us with a 26,000 word novella, a prequel to his stunning fantasy debut, Scar Night, the first novel of the Deepgate Codex Lye Street ends just where the novel picks up
    Lye Street By Alan Campbell

    Lye Street Deepgate Codex Alan Campbell, Dave McKean Jan , Alan Campbell s Lye Street is an interesting and satiating prelude to his two other novels Scar Night and Iron Angel The story tells us the beginnings of that horribly delicious fallen angel Carnival We are supplied with detailed insight about how she came to be and why she has started that game called scar night. Lye Street Deepgate Codex, by Alan Campbell Jan , Lye Street is a prequel to Scar Night the first book of Alan Campbell s critically acclaimed Deepgate Codex The next book I plan to read I found it a gruesomely fun dark weird fantasy novella Lye Street is brutal fun. Lyle St, Port Charlotte, FL Zillow Lyle St , Port Charlotte, FL is currently not for sale The , sq ft single family home is a bed, . bath property This home was built in and last sold on for , View property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. Subterranean Press Lye Street Lye Street also has some strikingly beautiful moments, in that harsh, dark way some of us love so well The journey of the angel Carnival is most compelling, as she simultaneously follows and flees messages seemingly addressed to her, scrawled across the walls and tunnels and towers of the dangling city.

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      140 Alan Campbell

    One thought on “Lye Street

    1. Rage on said:

      I didn t realize this was part of a series even if it s 0, pretty much everything was unfamiliar to me the characters, their gods, the world they live in , so it was kind of a challenge to get into difficult to visualize , because we hit the ground running there s a tonne of gore and grotesque imagery ex forest built from corpses by the end I was interested in figuring out what was going on what happens to these characters which I think would require reading further in the series some people mig [...]

    2. Sam on said:

      Definitely makes sense if you have read SCARNIGHT Deepgate Codex 1 before attempting the prequel.

    3. Ubiquitousbastard on said:

      I don t think I quite got what the crap happened at the end Maybe it s one of those things that you have to stop reading with, and figure out what the possibilities are Well, I was too bored by that point to do than give it a twice over, and then resign myself to the fact that I was going to have to guess at what the crap happened I guess this is a prequel to a series that I have already decided I wasn t going to read, so I m not sure why I read it in the first place, except the cover is kind o [...]

    4. Julio on said:

      I read the Deepgate Codex trilogy several years ago, but very much enjoyed the series The world building was stellar and the gonzo nature of the ever escalating conflict between heaven and hell was a joy to behold So I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Campbell had written companion novellas further fleshing out the world s he d created It took me little time once I started reading Lye Street to feel back at home in Deepgate Getting to revisit Carnival and learn about her past and the e [...]

    5. Michael on said:

      This is a beautiful book in a limited edition, with cover and illustrations by Dave McKean I really liked the packaging but the contents were a different matter Took me forever to read even though it only runs to about a 130 pages It s a novella and set before the events in Scar Night The angel Carnival faces off against the church assassins against the gothic backdrop of the chained city Deepgate The imagery is appropriately grotesk, the plot drags and then things get resolved too quickly Only [...]

    6. Delberto on said:

      ive read all the books so far.I would say that Lye Street is not his best work The story started to develop properly and was a good read However, it seems that Alan must have been very eager to finish the book It was hurredly done in a few pages and left open a few unanswered questions To do justice to the story he should have concluded the story in a natural ending However, the book was a good read and he is very good at describing the atmosphere of deepgate.Look forward to books from Mr Campb [...]

    7. Stretch's Books on said:

      Lye Street is a prequel to Scar Night the first book of Alan Campbell s critically acclaimed Deepgate Codex The next book I plan to read I found it a gruesomely fun dark weird fantasy novella Lye Street is brutal fun Campbell brings out some crazy imagery in his descriptions of the three forests involved in the thread centering on the demon Basil is.This book is moody, dark, supernatural and just plain weird I enjoyed it a lot, and it performed it s job well Made me interested enough to begin re [...]

    8. Tori on said:

      I decided to read this because it was supposed to center on my favorite character from the Deepgate Codex, Carnival I thought maybe we d learn interesting info about her Nope Thank goodness there s no books left in this series universe for me to read Oh, and there were at least 15 different typos mistakes in this book There were two in the same sentence at one point Subterranean Press is in dire need of competent proofreaders They should be embarrassed that they let this book get published.

    9. Ashley on said:

      This book was hard to follow The author jumped from different points of view which was very confusing as a reader I also thought that the writing style was very odd For a novella, the author definitely crammed a lot of huge ideas into a small story I did not get a sense of resolve in the end either I don t even understand what the author s message was What was he trying to say I liked the concept of the story, but I think it needed to be fleshed out some .

    10. Peter on said:

      Really a 4.5 5.Campbell is a real wordsmith As an example, here is one of my favorites from the book Unease crawled over his skin He gets done with fewer words That is a sign of a good author for me This world of the Deepgate Codex seems very strange, Campbell does a good job of blending the exposition into the narrative I am looking forward to .

    11. Mary on said:

      Interesting introductory novella to the trilogy written by Alan Campbell Although I found it hard to see the city held over the abyss by a myriad of chains and metal hooks and staples, etc the characters were engaging, although some were rather eww worthy Looking forward to reading the novels.

    12. Thompson on said:

      A novella that introduces a dark fantasy series In this novella an angel kills a certain family s member every fifty years For most of the account, the angel s motives are as uncertain as her memory The characters are interesting and the array of fantasical beings seem to indicate that this is a series to look forward to.

    13. Andreas on said:

      This is a wonderful dark story with a lot of humour You can read it even if you haven t read Scar Angel before, it stands on its own.

    14. Marisella on said:

      A novell set in Deepgate, a city hanging in chains above an abyss, this books gives us a little information about Carnival Well written and enjoyable, but I couldn t see where it fit in in the codex.

    15. George S. Walker on said:

      This was even better than Campbell s Scar Night, which was an incredible book.In retrospect, there were some logic holes in the plot, but the characters and events and world were so fascinating, I couldn t put it down.This provides helpful background for his other books.

    16. Fiore777 on said:

      I liked it well enough It was creepy and the taste of his characters appealed to me I can t quite ever resist a story which has an imperfect broken villain.

    17. TheWellReadLady on said:

      I REALLY want to get my hands on a copy of this book Heard it s a great prequel to Scar Night , but it s not in print any tears and even 2nd hand copies are super expensive tears

    18. Megan on said:

      I was totally not into the book until around page 90 Then I was super interested The last 40 pages were greatd great enough to make me want to continue on in the series.

    19. Zen on said:

      So icky and fun If you can handle the morbid side of humor this is a great catch Apparently, it s a prequel, so I m off to find the series

    20. Mary on said:

      Such an amazing portrayal of Carnival I liked her character before, but now I just adore her so much It may be short, but it s worth a read.

    21. Aj on said:

      This novella is short, sweet, and as dark and you could hope from Alan For the curious reader of Scar Night, it tells Carnival s tale in a grotesque, dark light.

    22. Ian on said:

      Short prequel to the DeepGate Codex series Fills in some of the background of the mad angel, Carnival Only wish was that it was longer.

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