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The Silent Girl

The Silent Girl By Tess Gerritsen The Silent Girl Every crime scene tells a story Some keep you awake at night Others haunt your dreams The grisly display homicide cop Jane Rizzoli finds in Boston s Chinatown will do both In the murky shadows of an a

  • Title: The Silent Girl
  • Author: Tess Gerritsen
  • ISBN: 9780345515506
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Silent Girl By Tess Gerritsen Every crime scene tells a story Some keep you awake at night Others haunt your dreams The grisly display homicide cop Jane Rizzoli finds in Boston s Chinatown will do both.In the murky shadows of an alley lies a female s severed hand On the tenement rooftop above is the corpse belonging to that hand, a red haired woman dressed all in black, her head nearly severed TwoEvery crime scene tells a story Some keep you awake at night Others haunt your dreams The grisly display homicide cop Jane Rizzoli finds in Boston s Chinatown will do both.In the murky shadows of an alley lies a female s severed hand On the tenement rooftop above is the corpse belonging to that hand, a red haired woman dressed all in black, her head nearly severed Two strands of silver hair not human cling to her body They are Rizzoli s only clues, but they re enough for her and medical examiner Maura Isles to make the startling discovery that this violent death had a chilling prequel.Nineteen years earlier, a horrifying murder suicide in a Chinatown restaurant left five people dead But one woman connected to that massacre is still alive a mysterious martial arts master who knows a secret she dares not tell, a secret that lives and breathes in the shadows of Chinatown A secret that may not even be human Now she s the target of someone, or something, deeply and relentlessly evil.Cracking a crime resonating with bone chilling echoes of an ancient Chinese legend, Rizzoli and Isles must outwit an unseen enemy with centuries of cunning and a swift, avenging blade.
    The Silent Girl By Tess Gerritsen

    The Silent Girl with bonus short story Freaks SILENT GIRL seamlessly blends the raucous streets of Boston with the often unknowable mystique of China town Maura Isles is a secondary character here, yielding center stage to a resurgent Jane Rizzoli and an intriguing protagonist and Sifu named Iris Fang. The Silent Girl Rizzoli Isles, by Tess Gerritsen The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen was a very atmospheric read Set in China Town a young woman is found in an ally with her hand missing decapitated Jane Rizzoli enlists the help of Johnny Tam to help find out how she died as he knew the ins outs of the China Town district Years earlier a mass killi The Silent Girl A Rizzoli and Isles Novel The Silent Girl A Rizzoli and Isles Novel Audible Audiobook Unabridged Tess Gerritsen Author , Tanya Eby Narrator , Brilliance Audio Publisher . The Silent Girl by Michael Hjorth Sep , A family of is slaughtered in their own home and Ricksmord is left with little to go on until they realize a th person, a young girl, was in the house at the time and may have witnessed the entire tragedy But unfortunately she has gone into hiding and the race is on to to find this young girl and then to identify and catch the killer. The Silent Girl US Tess Gerritsen The Silent Girl US NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In the murky shadows of an alley lies a female s severed hand On the tenement rooftop above is the corpse belonging to that hand, a red haired woman dressed all in black, the body nearly decapitated. The Silent Girls Canaan Crime Novels The Silent Girls is both an exceptional detective story and a terrifying meditation on good and evil Roger Smith, international best selling author of Wake Up Dead, Dust Devils, Mixed Blood and Sacrifices The Silent Girls is a thrilling ride to very dark places I kept turning pages, scared of what I d find but compelled to look.

    • The Silent Girl Best Read || [Tess Gerritsen]
      203 Tess Gerritsen

    One thought on “The Silent Girl

    1. Thomas on said:

      4.5 This is a riveting mystery that I found hard to put down I read it in two days It starts with the discovery of a severed hand and a gun in an alley, and then a body w o a hand on a roof The dead woman was dressed in black and had no id all suggesting a professional killer The car belonging to the dead woman is found and it has a handheld GPS with two addresses a martial arts academy in Chinatown and a retired Boston police detective, Lou Ingersoll Detectives Rizzoli and Frost soon find links [...]

    2. PaigeBookdragon on said:

      Everybody was kung fu fighting I like this book better than the rest Some kick ass vigilantes are starring and I love learning about Asian myth and culture.

    3. Jenny on said:

      The Silent Girl is book nine in the Rizzoli and Isles series by Tess Gerritsen Detective Jane Rizzoli and her partner Detective Frost caught a case in China Town A body was found on the top of a restaurant that has been closed for twenty years after five people were killed At first Detective Jan Rizzoli and Detective Frost thought this case was straightforward and easy to finish However, this was not the case The readers of The Silent Girl will continue to follow the twists and turns in Detectiv [...]

    4. Lisa on said:

      Why has it taken me so long to get back to this series am asking myself the question Tess Gerritsen is the madam of this genre she has all the right moves to keep the reader glued to every page.The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen was a very atmospheric read Set in China Town a young woman is found in an ally with her hand missing decapitated Jane Rizzoli enlists the help of Johnny Tam to help find out how she died as he knew the ins outs of the China Town district Years earlier a mass killing happ [...]

    5. Steve on said:

      I think I ve read all of Tess Gerritsen s books, and this may be her best yet By using her Asian heritage and over the top humor and risks, she s produced a book that has almost a graphic novel feel, but sits well on her Rizzoli Isles shelf at the same time.After finding a dead woman with a severed hand on the roof of a building, Rizzoli Isles find themselves following an invisible killer out of Chinese folklore and an equally invisible and implacable hero from the same source The dead woman se [...]

    6. Sam Blake on said:

      All day I have been watching the girl.What an impressive opening line the best crime starts with a great hook, and this one drags you straight in by the hair.When a hand is found in a Chinatown alley in downtown Boston, Geritsen s brilliant detective Jane Rizzoli climbs to a nearby rooftop and finds the hand s owner a woman whose throat has been slashed so deeply that her head is severed The murder of this woman with no ID links to a horrifying murder suicide that happened nineteen years earlier [...]

    7. Janellyn51 on said:

      I was a little concerned before I started to read The Silent Girl, that now that I ve been watching Rizzoli and Isles, I d picture the actress as opposed to the picture I had made in my mind of Jane, Frost, and Maura I m glad that when I started reading, my character s that I see in my head were still firmly there I enjoyed the book very much I liked learning about China Town and Chinese legends Jane hasn t changed much Maura s a mess IT seems to me, that this many books into the series, or a s [...]

    8. Kara on said:

      I received this book from the Vine program.I have been a fan of Tess Gerritsen since I met her at a book signing about 10 years ago I truly believe that she is one of the best thriller writers.After a woman is found murdered in the Chinatown section of Boston, Detective Jane Rizzoli follows the trail of the killer, leading her to an atrocious massacre from 19 years prior As she puts clues of the current case together, Jane soon learns about the mysterious disappearance of several teenage girls w [...]

    9. Michelle♥ on said:

      Ok, so my library now charges 1 for New Hot Picks and this was soooo NOT worth that dollar I really have enjoyed Gerritsen s writing styleup until this book.I did not like the progression, or lack of progression I should say with the whole Rizzoli Isles characters And why was this book called The Silent Girl It was about SEVERAL girlsssss Horrible and sick story about what happens to these girls, and you know what We are left to our own imagination to see what really happened to them, and just h [...]

    10. Fred on said:

      Tess Gerritsen Fans Group Link Group Read 2011Boston s Det Jane Rizzoli Dr Maura Isles is rarely mention , the story is good, but the character list is long may get confusing It starts present day, investigation of a rooftop murder in Boston s Chinatown Jane her partner Det Frost find the location was where the Red Phoenix Restaurant massacre a 19 year old crime scene occurred Crime logs listed 5 people killed Joey Gil Irish mafia , James Fang, Arthur husband Dina Mallory wife by Wu Weiman the c [...]

    11. Suzanne on said:

      Characters from previous stories, and an interesting mystery in Chinatown combined to make this another good installment in the series

    12. Kim on said:

      I ve read and mostly liked the previous novels in the Rizzoli Isles series some than others This is competently executed crime fiction, with both police procedural and thriller elements The forensic aspect of the series represented by the character of Dr Maura Isles plays less of a part in this novel This was a plus for me, because I m rather tired of detailed autopsy descriptions I am also rather tired of Dr Isles tortured and soap opera y love life Jane Rizzoli is an interesting character, bu [...]

    13. PaulaPhillips on said:

      If you are like me then you are a huge Tess Gerritsen Fan and have or been dying to get your hands on her latest The Silent Girl I know I have It s been months since I first put my name on the waiting list at the library but it has finally arrived and I read it in one day The Silent Girl features three different time periods The first is Nineteen years ago , when it was said that a Chinese cook named Mr Wu went on a killing spree in a Chinatown restaurant and murdered five people and then shot h [...]

    14. Kaje Harper on said:

      Tess Gerritsen writes excellent, complex and well plotted mysteries with a police procedural bent which are right up my alley This is no exception While part of a series, this book could work as a stand alone although you would miss some of the past events that drive character interactions The only thing keeping this book from really hitting five stars for me is that there is just a little coolness to the writing style I don t feel the characters emotions quite as deeply as I would like That s p [...]

    15. Kathy on said:

      I discovered Tess Gerritsen s wonderful Rizzoli and Isles series last year with the excellent novel Ice Cold Then of course I started reading the earlier novels so it was a pleasure to go forward with The Silent Girl In this outing Gerritsen visits her Chinese roots and sets the story in Boston s Chinatown As I live in an area, Vancouver, that has a huge Chinese population and a legendary Chinatown that is both intriguing and mysterious I was ready for the mysteries of Boston s Chinatown Gerrits [...]

    16. Sarah on said:

      my absolute, absolute, absolute favourite of tess s and this has nothing to do with my asian heritage feeling a love i cant quite put into words right now this book, for me, contained just the right elements the suspense, the twists, the action everything tess added just enough clues in the story hidden in the details just as i like it for you to play whodunnit, but threw in twists to throw you off your game, only to serve with an ending that i did not anticipate also, the tension between maura [...]

    17. Dustin Crazy little brown owl on said:

      Tess has once again written a compelling mystery and woven all the threads in a beautiful tale I felt Rat who we met in the previous book, ICE COLD played an important role in this story.My favorite Rizzoli Isles novel is The Keepsake book 7 in the series my second favorite in the series is ICE COLD book 8 I think The Silent Girl ties with Vanish book 5 as my 3rd favorite Body Double is a good one too Oh Hell, they are all so damn good because TESS GERRITSEN is AMAZING Join us in the Tess Gerrit [...]

    18. Em Chainey (Bookowski) on said:

      D nyada o kadar ok sessiz k z var ki hepsi de adalet bekliyor Adalet, haks zl a u rad m zda en iddetli bir ekilde arzulad miz ve maalesef o u zaman bize ok uzakta duran ey Ama sesler birlikte yank landiginda daha da kuvvetlenir, kimi zaman durdurulamaz Ve i te adalet ge de olsa yerini buldu Tess yine kurgu g c n ve bilgisini konu turmus stelik bu defa atalarindan, kadim in reti ve d v sanatlar ndan ilham alm ok da iyi olmu Peki neden 4 y ld z nk bir kiz Bedenler veya Cerrah de ildi nk Tess ok da [...]

    19. Sophie Narey (Bookreview- aholic) on said:

      Published 05 07 2011Author Tess GerritsenRecommended for fans of Rizzoli Isles I think that the Rizzoli Isles series is one of the best there is It is incredibly well written which captures the readers attention and keeps hold of it, it pace of the book keeps up all the way through meaning that there isn t a dull moment This is the 9th book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone book you don t have to read the whole series in order It is a great thriller that will make you end up grippin [...]

    20. Brenda on said:

      Another awesome installment in the Rizzoli and Isles series Tess Gerritsen has an amazing ability to thrill and scare you, every time she puts pen to paper A ghost tour was winding it s way through Chinatown in downtown Boston late one night, the tour leader taking the group into a dark alley, when suddenly a child, who had been whinging about it being boring , let out a scream They all thought the bloodied hand was a prop for the show, until it was looked at closely, then they all started screa [...]

    21. Lynn Spencer on said:

      B at AAR, so 4.5 stars This month s TBR prompt, catching up on a series, took me in something of a non romance direction As I contemplated my little wall of TBR, I realized my series avoidance of the past few years had left me with only a few that needed catching up Since I ve been loving the Rizzoli Isles books by Tess Gerritsen, I decided to jump into that world again My TBR read for February was 2011 s The Silent Girl.The mystery running through this book takes readers on an unforgettable jou [...]

    22. Donna on said:

      I ve wanted to read a Rizzoli and Isles book for a long time and now that I ve read my first one, I will be reading I liked this book It was creatively done There was always something new happening, and some new clue given It was a fun read I also liked the characters Rizzoli had a bigger role than Isles I m not sure if that is normal, but it all seemed to work well together I also liked the ending.even though it had a red bow It was perfectly suited to the story.

    23. İlkim on said:

      Orijinali Kitap Esintisi adresinde.San r m Tess ten bir aheser okudum Size g re yle gelmeyebilir ama benim g z mde bu kitap kad n n en iyileri aras nda yer alacak her zaman yle bir kitapt ki y llar y llar ncesinde a k romanlar yla dalga ge en elinde Brown, Chattam, Grange, Craig Russell, Agatha vb bir ok yazar n kitaplar yla gezen k k bir k z hat rlamama neden oldu San r m polisiye ama iyi bir polisiye benim her daim bebeklerim aras na girmeye m sait Yazar kitab n sonunda belki de en ki isel rom [...]

    24. Ana on said:

      Gostei imenso Adoro esta cole o e este livro em particular, ainda que n o tenha sido um dos melhores, tamb m me conquistou.

    25. Daniel Balici on said:

      I m actually surprised at the fact that The Silent Girl is the 26th book I ve read this year considering that the last few months I ve been studying ceaselessly for the Romanian Baccalaureate I ll be taking at the end of June As I said in a previous review, Tess Gerritsen is one of my favourite contemporary authors I wonder whether she has ever written a bad novel because once again I found myself completely captivated by one of her novels and incapable of putting it down Speaking of the Rizzoli [...]

    26. Burak on said:

      Ben, i g d lerim ve m kemmel bir kitap Yeniden kalbimi fethettin be Tess Bu kitaba 50 y ld z az.

    27. StarMan on said:

      4 times out of 5, even Gerritsen s lesser tales beat anything churned out by the Patterson Author X quality book quick money printing machine And this isn t one of her lesser tales it s probably in the midrange of her talents THE SILENT GIRL, for the average crime mystery thriller reader, is mostly pretty darn good I give it 3 blood splatters, but not quite 4 YAYs NAYs view spoiler YAY A Chinatown connection, a 20 year old multi murder, a new police officer, and a possibly non human killer view [...]

    28. David Highton on said:

      A murder in Chinatown sets off a complex plot involving a multiple murder from 19 years earlier Rizzoli is resolute and insightful in pursuit, Isles less involved and marginalised because of a court case against a police officer.

    29. Nora|KnyguDama on said:

      Tai devintoji Gerritsen serijos apie detektyv Ricoli knyga Pasikartosiu, ir v l i reik iu pasipiktinim , jog tokie puik s detektyvai Lietuvoje leid iami ne i eil s Tikiu jog ne tik man toks leidyklos aplaidumas gadin skaitymo ir intrigos malonum Mat knygos yra susijusios, ir gali i duoti vairias smulkmenas, kurios skaitant tokio anro knygas yra itin svarbios O dabar apie knyg Visi ino jog Tess Gerritsen dievinu Jos knygas suskaitau itin greitai ir su did iuliu malonumu Pabaigos visada netik tos, [...]

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