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Hard Bitten

Hard Bitten By Chloe Neill Hard Bitten Times are hard for newly minted vampire Merit Ever since shapeshifters announced their presence to the world humans have been rallying against supernaturals and they re camping outside of Cadogan Hou

  • Title: Hard Bitten
  • Author: Chloe Neill
  • ISBN: 9780451233325
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hard Bitten By Chloe Neill Times are hard for newly minted vampire Merit Ever since shapeshifters announced their presence to the world, humans have been rallying against supernaturals and they re camping outside of Cadogan House with protest signs that could turn to pitchforks at any moment Inside its doors, things between Merit and her Master, green eyed heartbreaker Ethan Sullivan, are tense BTimes are hard for newly minted vampire Merit Ever since shapeshifters announced their presence to the world, humans have been rallying against supernaturals and they re camping outside of Cadogan House with protest signs that could turn to pitchforks at any moment Inside its doors, things between Merit and her Master, green eyed heartbreaker Ethan Sullivan, are tense But then the mayor of Chicago calls Merit and Ethan to a clandestine meeting and tells them about a violent vamp attack that has left three women missing His message is simple get your House in order Or else.Merit needs to get to the bottom of this crime, but it doesn t help that she can t tell who s on her side So she secretly calls in a favor from someone who s tall, dark, and part of an underground vamp group that may have some deep intel on the attack Merit soon finds herself in the heady, dark heart of Chicago s supernatural society a world full of vampires who seem to be ready to fulfill the protesting human s worst fears, and a place where she ll learn that you can t be a vampire without getting a little blood on your hands.
    Hard Bitten By Chloe Neill

    Hard bitten Definition of Hard bitten by Merriam Webster Definition of hard bitten inclined to bite hard seasoned or steeled by difficult experience tough. Hard bitten definition of hard bitten by The Free Dictionary hard bitten Informal adjective tough, realistic, cynical, practical, shrewd, down to earth, matter of fact, hard nosed informal , hard headed, unsentimental, hard boiled informal , case hardened, badass slang, chiefly U.S a cynical hard bitten journalist. HARD BITTEN meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary hard bitten definition If someone is hard bitten, their character has been made stronger as a result of difficult Learn . Hard bitten definition and meaning Collins English Sep , hard bitten adjective usually ADJECTIVE noun If you describe someone as hard bitten, you are critical of them because they do not show much emotion or have much sympathy for other people, usually because they have experienced many unpleasant things. Hard Bitten Chicagoland Vampires Neill, Chloe Hard Bitten is the fourth installment in the Chicagoland Vampires Series taking place not long after the end of the rd book I really like the concept for the vampires the author has put her own unique spin on giving them a refreshing new series. Hard bitten Definition of Hard bitten at Dictionary grim or severe in judgment or attitude a hard bitten old teacher hard boiled defs , . Hard bitten definition and meaning Collins English hard bitten adjective usu ADJ n If you describe someone as hard bitten, you are critical of them because they do not show much emotion or have much sympathy for other people, usually because they have experienced many unpleasant things. Hard Bitten Chicagoland Vampires, by Chloe Neill Apr , Hard Bitten focuses on the fallout of the attack on Cadogan house in the previous book Although vampires have been known to the public for some time, their novelty is wearing off and many have taken to protesting in front of the houses, no longer Hard bitten Synonyms, Hard bitten Antonyms Thesaurus The hard bitten tailor was easy to quarrel with at any time Soldiers appeared, hard bitten, tough, professional Greek soldiers There is no gainsaying that the Solomons are a hard bitten bunch of islands He was a fighter, a dominant, hard bitten woodsman, so the tale ran Trebell is hard bitten, brainy, forty five and very sure of himself He had been hard bitten in his youth and trained in a hard,

    • [PDF] Hard Bitten | by ñ Chloe Neill
      211 Chloe Neill

    One thought on “Hard Bitten

    1. Kat Kennedy on said:

      It s going to be really difficult for me to give this book a rating because equally divergent parts of me both enjoyed and disliked aspects of this book Thus I figured a nicely rounded three star rating accurately reflects my ambivalence toward this novel.On the positive side, Hard Bitten is an easy to read and mostly enjoyable book providing that you enjoy the narration of the main character and protagonist, Merit.Luckily I do enjoy her narration and respect her as a character This story, so t [...]

    2. Jen on said:

      WTH I cannot even describe how I feel right now Wait, yes I can Betrayed That is how I feel Betrayed Depressed Devastated Pissed.Out of simple respect for the author I will refrain from giving this book a 1 star rating until I read Drink Deep However, I must say that I would have read Drink Deep anyway I didn t need some big, horrible shocker to keep on with this series I will not read the series past Drink Deep though, if it is not resolved in a way that I like Sorry, not really, but that is th [...]

    3. Mrs. Badass on said:

      Spoiler Free, I thinkDED I am an admittedly emotional reviewer, and this book really pissed me off I m sorry if this sounds harsh, and I have no ill will towards the author, Ms Neill I mostly enjoy these novels, but I cannot get behind cliffhangers I know that if you read this review Ms Neill, that you will take this personally, because you are human, and you are the creator of this universe in Merit Land, but I ask you to put aside your personal feelings, and know that I don t know you personal [...]

    4. "That's All" Ash on said:

      Take Shelter This Review Contains Spoiler Bombs For the record I was loving this series.Loving it I had my cupcakes in one hand and vodka in the other and I was friggin ready to hop on the Chloe Neill train, okay Ash Pre Book 4 And all the while I m reading this series, I kept get warnings like, Hey Watch out for Book 4 it s gonna kill you a little And I would read and hear these warnings and then I d do that thing where you kind of snort and you kind of laugh and your grandmother really wouldn [...]

    5. ൠSinful on said:

      OMG.Speechless.BreathlessG This changes everything Holy cow Go Preorder this now Plan to stay up late Have alcohol near byratch that Alcohol will make you fall asleep CHOCOLATE That s it You MUST have LOADS of chocolate The book should come with a bar strapped to it and an oxygen tank I could really use an oxygen tank right about now I can t post my official review until it hits the review site first so I ll add it in May After y all read it and it s too late Suffice it to say YOU MUST READ THIS [...]

    6. The Flooze on said:

      I declare Chloe Neill to be a ballsy bitch I m thinking loophole because of one detail in the final pages, but that s all I ll discuss about the ending.I had some problems with the third installment I m pleased to say they didn t crop up again in Hard Bitten Merit s snark was back up to par, Ethan garnered the right amount of sympathy, and Mallory was a friend rather than an irritation Recapping was kept to a minimum, with Neill dishing out just enough to jar my memory The pacing was smooth and [...]

    7. Catherine on said:

      If you haven t read any of the previous books I strongly recommend that you do not jump into the series here A large draw for the series is Ethan and Merit and their connection Their attraction grows with each book and it s best to read them in order and watch the tension build Plus, you ll probably be lost about the current situation with the humans if you haven t at least read the last book.Starting this book, I was pretty nervous The last book, Twice Bitten, took me high and then it drop kick [...]

    8. Flannery on said:

      Holy curveball, Batman As I was nearing the end of this book, I kept thinking, Oh, I totally know what the crazy jawdropper at the end of this book is going to be Come on people, duhhh as I paged through the windup NOPE, it turns out this book just wiped that smug look off my face I will put spoilers in this review where spoilers are due but LISTEN UP, COMPULSIVE SPOILER CLICKERS If you click on the spoilers and intend to read this book, you might as well get a Flannery shaped voodoo doll so you [...]

    9. Jilly on said:

      Oh no, you didn t, Book I have to start by saying that if an author decides to try to get me to break one of my life rules Don t cry like a little bitch, I get angry So, if the book makes me sad, I get sad and angry We actually use the word Sangry in my house because I have boys Boys get sangry too We don t cry like little bitches, we get angry at the idea that someone is trying to make us sad Then, as is my family s tradition, we then make fun of whatever it is unmercifully until we are laughin [...]

    10. Naomi 🌸 on said:

      This was another terrific instalment of the Chicagoland Vampires apart from the dramatic ending which really caught me by surprise D Even though the plots are really quite slow moving, I still enjoy Merit and her thoughts and the way she fumbles through her life I will be very interested to see how the next book pans out especially after this ending So, it s 5 stars from me for now and time shall tell

    11. Mariya on said:

      Oh, Chloe Neill, you might as well have just staked me Hard Bitten will leave you speechless, breathless and possibly leave you full of many many emotions I loved it and hated it at the same time And you will get my meaning when you flip to the last page of this book You guys have no idea how much I want to explode right now, explode all the secrets of this book, but I won t I pray that the next week goes by fast so I can finally discuss with all my buddies, but this book was a roller coaster I [...]

    12. Juliana Philippa on said:

      4.5 starsPost Script, written October 2011 don t read unless you ve read 5 view spoiler Oh how naively innocent I was sigh All of my assumptions in below s spoiler now seem so ridiculous hide spoiler Okay, so it was fantastic So great I loved Ethan in it as always and I finally loved well liked a lot Merit as well The other characters were great as always and the subplot was really well done.The best of the series so far, IMO, though this is a series that you have to read in order and none of th [...]

    13. Bonnie on said:

      I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say in my review but I simply couldn t find the words necessary that wouldn t also give the book away So in the end I decided that I was going to sum it up with this

    14. Limonessa on said:

      Gosh, am I pissed at this book Angry Could I go back and choose I wouldn t even read it now I would wait and pick it up together with Drink Deep in November Neill, you cannot possibly bore me for almost 200 pages and then drop the bomb 10 pages from the back cover I feel betrayed and irritated because this screams very much like a mean marketing strategy This isn t even a cliffhanger This is what cliffhangers hang on Do I make sense Probably not You know, of the people who read this one, who is [...]

    15. Mandi Schreiner on said:

      I have become quite invested in the Chicagoland Vampire series From the early pages of book one, I fell in love with Merit s snark, her strength and her on and off again relationship with the Master of Cadogan House, Ethan Sullivan Combined with wonderful supporting characters Mallory, Catcher and Jeff are three of my favorites I greatly anticipate these books.Hard Bitten focuses on the fallout of the attack on Cadogan house in the previous book Although vampires have been known to the public fo [...]

    16. Natasha on said:

      An emotional masterpiece First of, if your new to this series, it isn t a stand alone series so id recommend suggest you start on book on Next off, as series go, this is on my top 5 favorites list Each book was an utter delight but this book just blew me away In past reviews, I raved on my love for Ethan Sullivan, the master of the Cadogan house, bu until this novel, we weren t giving him the respect he deserved As a character, he grew personality and emotionally wise As a male character, he s o [...]

    17. Shari Kay on said:

      2.25 So yeah, I d pretty much given up on this series, but decided to read HB because I own it and have determined to get through all the books I ve already downloaded onto my paperwhite lofty unreachable goal, I know My two main issues are the same ones I ve had the entire series Overall lack of believability of character actions otherwise known as stupidity and lack of emotion concerning the romance between Merit and Ethan.I m sorry, Merit is a horrible Sentinel I can t even remember how she g [...]

    18. Susie on said:

      Now that I ve had a good night s rest, some time to digest, read other people s thoughts, and the author s few statements, here is where I m atAction I ll read Drink Deep and decide whether I ll continue with the series or abandon it and pretend that the last 2 books didn t happen ends for me at Twice Bitten Rant 2 I m a bit annoyed at some reviews where they call this move bold, gutsy and or an action other authors would never risk Really What books have they been reading view spoiler I ve read [...]

    19. Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘ on said:

      Fuck me Not in a good way Re read 31.01.2018This was a better re read than 2 and 3, it was still not as I remembered My love for this series just isn t there any and it sucks big time I remember LOVING this series Loving Merit and loving Ethan to death Now I love Ethan, and like the rest However, I m missing the adoration I had for the character For Ethan I always thought of Ethan as powerful, but everyone keeps being strong and powerful than him Including Merit and Gabriel Hell, I m even imagi [...]

    20. Duchess Nicole on said:

      Completely dumbfounded I kept expecting there to be a hidden paragraphor even a measly sentence tacked on to the end What an ending

    21. Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ on said:

      4.5 stars he stroked my jawline with his thumb You can run You can keep running to the ends of the earth But I won t be far behind you Oh My God Really Reeeeaallyyy Ugh, that was a low blow It s not that I didn t think this would inevitably happen in one of these books, it s that I didn t expect it to happen so early It was epic, amazing.unexpected It was everything I ve wanted from my latest obsession cough, Ethan, cough , but everything that could bring my world crashing to the ground in a bu [...]

    22. Alex is The Romance Fox on said:

      I am not totally into this series yetd book 4 has still not changed that.I have this love hate relationship with Merit and even Ethan She s like fighting all the Cadogan vampires battles and gets no credit for it When is she going to get the credit for what she does And then there s this whole hot cold thing between Merit EthanI love you, I love you not I want you, I want you not It s so weird To be honest.I am not crazy about Merit s friend, Mallory when the two get together, they become these [...]

    23. Michelle, the Bookshelf StalkerQueen of the Undead on said:

      Ok, seriously, DO NOT READ THE SPOILER BELOW IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS BOOK It will seriously ruin it for you Don t be tempted, thinking that it won t matter and you ll still read the book Because, it is a huge spoiler view spoiler I think I m done with this series Not because I m all sad that Ethan is dead, but because I didn t care The three stars I liked it enough to finish it hide spoiler

    24. Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) on said:

      This review was posted at Under The CoversChicago is in a bit of an uproar against vampires, who are being accused of murdering humans at raves Ethan has a warrant for his arrest out from the CPD Cadogan House is still under repairs Humans are protesting outside the House.Merit is now forced to investigate these human murders to clear Ethan s name, using Jonah as an ally, they try to infiltrate the raves to gather information, and stumble upon a drug that is making vampires crazy and brings out [...]

    25. Samantha on said:

      I was ready to come on here and say how boring I thought this book was, and then it had to end the way it did, and I don t even know what to say to that From seeing the summary s of the other books I know something happens to change what happened, but that didn t make it any less hard to read I guess I can be thankful I seen those or I would ve been really freaking pissed with the series and the author I still can t believe that happened full review to come maybe

    26. Lady Allison on said:

      I finally read it.But I don t think I can review it I love Merit Ethan It s still too painful.This is me image error I am SO glad I waited until books were released so I didn t have to torture myself with that ending Now to read how she intends to fix this mess

    27. valee on said:

      I really disliked the ending Not the whole book, but the ending killed all my fascination with the series I would ve rated it higher but I just can t with an ending like this one The book was great but when something as big as this happens right at the end it changes everything These are the reasons for why I am completely against this book view spoiler 1 You just don t kill the freaking hero.He did change, he did love and tresure Merit, so why kill him, Chloe Neill I really did cry with the end [...]

    28. Stacia (the 2010 club) on said:

      Hal le freakin lujah I finally finished this book after how many months First attempt March 2012Second attempt August 2012Can you really blame me when I had this book s ending spoiled for me way back when it was first released I ended up reading Hard Bitten in 3 separate parts because my motivation was stolen, given the fact that I knew what was up ahead.Since then I ve had books 5 and 6 spoiled for me, so I really should either quit reading this series, or get caught up so I can read the next b [...]

    29. AH on said:

      I m in shockMs Neill, that was truly diabolical of you You know what I m talking about There I was innocently reading one of my favorite series thinking about how happy I d be if only then BAM You pull the rug right from under me I screamed I was upset My status update said simply NOOOOOO I almost threw the book across the room I didn t because I am anal about keeping my books in pristine condition.Wow That was awfully brave of you I must say that you are a very smart writer Guess what I did thi [...]

    30. Wendy Darling on said:

      HOLY CRAP I don t think I can write a coherent review You have punched me in the face, Chloe Neill Now you d better put some ice on it.There was a tiny part of me that thought some things that happened were out of character throughout the book, butI so did not see this coming What the heck happens now

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