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The Poetry of Robert Frost (Collected Poems, Complete & Unabridged)

The Poetry of Robert Frost (Collected Poems, Complete & Unabridged) By Robert Frost Edward Connery Lathem The Poetry of Robert Frost Collected Poems Complete Unabridged The only comprehensive gathering of Frost s published poetry this affordable volume offers the entire contents of his eleven books of verse from A Boy s Will to In the Clearing Frost schol

  • Title: The Poetry of Robert Frost (Collected Poems, Complete & Unabridged)
  • Author: Robert Frost Edward Connery Lathem
  • ISBN: 9780805005011
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Poetry of Robert Frost (Collected Poems, Complete & Unabridged) By Robert Frost Edward Connery Lathem The only comprehensive gathering of Frost s published poetry, this affordable volume offers the entire contents of his eleven books of verse, from A Boy s Will 1913 to In the Clearing 1962 Frost scholar Lathem, who was also a close friend of the four time Pulitzer Prize winner, scrupulously annotated the 350 plus poems in this collection, which has been the standard eThe only comprehensive gathering of Frost s published poetry, this affordable volume offers the entire contents of his eleven books of verse, from A Boy s Will 1913 to In the Clearing 1962 Frost scholar Lathem, who was also a close friend of the four time Pulitzer Prize winner, scrupulously annotated the 350 plus poems in this collection, which has been the standard edition of Frost s work since it first appeared in 1969.
    The Poetry of Robert Frost (Collected Poems, Complete & Unabridged) By Robert Frost Edward Connery Lathem

    Poetry Foundation Poems, readings, poetry news and the entire year archive of POETRY magazine. poetry Definition, Types, Terms, Examples, Facts Poetry, literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or an emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm Poetry is a vast subject, as old as history, present wherever religion is present, and possibly the primal form of languages themselves. Poem of the Day Poetry Foundation Ross Gay was born in Youngstown, Ohio He earned a BA from Lafayette College, an MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College, and a PhD in English from Temple University He is the author of Bee Holding Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude , winner of the Kingsley The Poetry of the Prosaic WSJ Oct , The Poetry of the Prosaic William Carlos Williams s The Red Wheelbarrow offers an intimately human experience in its consideration of a quotidian scene. Poetry Definition of Poetry at Dictionary the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts literary work in metrical form verse prose with poetic qualities poetic qualities however manifested the poetry of simple acts and things. Poetry Monday Clancy of the Overflow by A.B Banjo days agoAmazing poem Reminds me a little bit of Robert Service and a little bit of Dylan Thomas I don t think I would have heard of this either Thank you for reading it, made my day.

    • The Poetry of Robert Frost (Collected Poems, Complete & Unabridged) Best Read || [Robert Frost Edward Connery Lathem]
      290 Robert Frost Edward Connery Lathem

    One thought on “The Poetry of Robert Frost (Collected Poems, Complete & Unabridged)

    1. Lena on said:

      Some say the world will end in fire,Some say in ice.From what I ve tasted of desireI hold with those who favor fire.But if it had to perish twice,I think I know enough of hateTo say that for destruction iceIs also greatAnd would suffice Robert Frost was a genius.

    2. Jan-Maat on said:

      I was intrigued to learn that Frost andEdward Thomas had met and spent time together in England before the first world war following on from a review of some of Frost s poetry by Thomas I feel both that in some way that the two of these people are now coming together in my understanding is a sign both of the deficiencies in my education and that luckily there is ever to discover about the world I believe The Road not taken was inspired by some of the walks the two went on and that Frost encoura [...]

    3. Grey853 on said:

      Robert Frost wrote some stunning and thought provoking poems Almost everyone has heard of Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening or The Road Not Taken , but one of my all time favorites is Desert Places The last verse They cannot scare me with their empty spacesBetween stars on stars where no human race is.I have it in me so much nearer homeTo scare myself with my own desert places.

    4. Ted on said:

      I m currently working my way through this book, which is the standard edition of his collected poetry Should be done some time in 2018.Frost in 1941Below are the nine collections of poetry the book contains, the year the collection was published, and links to separate reviews of the collections, for those I ve read and reviewed These reviews will primarily be comprised of quotations of some of the poems I enjoyed most, with perhaps some additional comments 1 A Boy s Will, 1913 review 2 North of [...]

    5. Jody on said:

      I think it s this version I have an old copy of this book My grandma gave it to me for Christmas many years ago I love Robert Frost He s my first favorite poet and my favorite poem will always be The Road Not Taken And I, I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference RF is my reason for loving words I think.

    6. Amy on said:

      Robert Frost has the most beautiful poetry My dad used to read to me from this book every night before bed and it has been a fovorite ever since When I was little my favorite one was The pasture Now I love Reluctance OUT through the fields and the woodsAnd over the walls I have wended I have climbed the hills of viewAnd looked at the world, and descended I have come by the highway home, 5And lo, it is ended The leaves are all dead on the ground,Save those that the oak is keeping To ravel them on [...]

    7. Elizabeth on said:

      Oh, if there were only the words to express how I feel about Frost There aren t the right words nor near enough However, I do enjoy reading his poems They buoy me I am usually a lover of short poems, yet, even in his longer poems a line or two will reverberate.Most will recommend Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening , The Road Not Taken or Nothing Gold Can Stay There are reasons why they would recommend these poems, as they have merit Yet, these are not the only poems worth their keep I recommen [...]

    8. Nick on said:

      He expertly articulates and captures those feelings inspired in us as children Wonderment and Beauty, Innocence, and Joyfulness, but also and equally, Loneliness Isolation and Desperation Wisdom and Naivety.Reading Frost is like traveling across New England With two people The First incarnation a small enthusiastic and expressive child awe struck by the simple beauty of the landscape and changing seasons as he passes them by yearning to run ahead and spy what lay beyond the next bend.The Second, [...]

    9. Charles on said:

      My November GuestMy Sorrow, when she s here with me,Thinks these dark days of autumn rainAre beautiful as days can be She loves the bare, the withered tree She walks the sodden pasture lane.Her pleasure will not let me stay.She talks and I am fain to list She s glad the birds are gone away,She s glad her simple worsted greyIs silver now with clinging mist.The desolate, deserted trees,The faded earth, the heavy sky,The beauties she so truly sees,She thinks I have no eye for these,And vexes me for [...]

    10. Timothy Muller on said:

      It may seem strange to allot only four stars to such a great poet However, for me, there are or less two Frosts Actually, there are three Frosts, but the third is not a very important consideration.To take the third first, this is the Frost of lighter, often satirical poetry, as in, for example A Case for Jefferson This kind of verse is not really Frost s strong suit and I think his reputation might rest a little higher had he not published it However, virtually all poets publish material not q [...]

    11. LJ on said:

      I ve loved Frost s poems for years Birches, A Road Not Taken, a version of which I ve sung, Time to Talk, are just a few of my favorites.

    12. Vicky Hunt on said:

      Beautifully performed masterpieces I read the Audible and Kindle version It was a pleasure to discover of the lovely poetry of one of my favorite poets I d memorized Stopping by Woods in grade school I d no idea what waited hidden among the rest The Hired Man, The Impulse, and so many jewels like hidden treasure saved for a later time in my life Maybe I d not have appreciated them as much as a child But, many will certainly move you to tears.My favorite was probably In the Homestretch It is a [...]

    13. Madeline on said:

      I liked Robert Frost a lot when I thought he was just writing about farms, and taking nice walks, and stopping in various wooded areas on nights of inclement weather After three class discussions of his poems, I am dismayed to learn that it s all a hell of a lot complicated than that Dammit But he s nice when I don t have to worry about the deep philosophical meaning of birches and can just enjoy the nice comfortable feeling his poems give me Here, have a random excerpt.From Birches I d like t [...]

    14. E on said:

      Lines from Frost seem to stick in my mind forever since studying him in high school and college and graduate school And one of my favorite of his poems is The Death of the Hired Man, which is about work, family, compassion, forgiveness, and home When Warren and Mary disagree about the definition of home, it is the second definition of home below Mary s that always brings tears to my eyes Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in I should have called it Somethin [...]

    15. Marit.W15 on said:

      It wasn t my favorite Poetry book i have read But it wasn t to bad.

    16. Destiny Justus on said:

      There are numerous poems throughout this book by Robert Frost The stories the poems create are simple and understandable Even the longer poems that spread over a few pages are easy to get through if you want to My favorite poem in the book is Leaves compared with Flowers It was memorable and I had once had it memorized Works like these bring meaning to poems and cause me personally to want to read .

    17. Cara on said:

      While striking, unique, scattered with profound verse, I just couldn t jive with you Mr Frost I flipped through this book, because honestly I m not going to read 600 pages of random Robert Frost So, I started by just checking out all the classic Frost poems from The Road Not Taken , Fire and Ice , Dust of Snow , to Birches They are pretty I actually enjoyed a few of them, thought they were unique and beautiful, especially, Death of a Hired Man and A Considerable Speck I learned two things while [...]

    18. Judy on said:

      A wonderful collection of Robert Frost s poetry and 2 plays In hindsight, I wish I would have kept a running list of the poems I loved the most Of course,The Road Not Taken would be right up there among the best One of his later poems I enjoyed was The Milky Way is a Cowpath I love Frost s sense of humor he never seems to take himself or anything too seriously compared to some poets He never seems to be overwrought about any subject which makes his work easier to relax with I prefer his rhyming [...]

    19. Matt on said:

      The Poetry of Robert Frost is the entirety of the great American poet s published work, an authoritative volume that is structured to show his progression from his earliest work to his last with a little exception at the end However for those who have only read Frost in school, like me, you will be in for a surprise because the poems in English and or Literature class are a deceptive selection of his complete works While this complete book of Robert Frost s work is wonderful for poetry enthusias [...]

    20. Carol on said:

      Whose woods these areI think I know,His house is in the village thoughHe will not mind me stopping here to watchhis woods fill up with snowmy little horse must think it queerto stop without a farmhouse nearbetween the woods and frozen lakethe darkest evening of the year When I had to memorize Frost in High School, little did I know how thankful I would be to carry these wordswith me wherever I go Hopefully, my students feel the same way afterthey labored to memorize the poems I assigned.If you c [...]

    21. Kent on said:

      Perhaps I am just not a poetry guy I enjoyed very few of this collection I liked only slightly than that, and actually understood only a few than that number The most understood poems, and seemingly the very few that communicated purpose and meaning to me, happen to include the three or four that other reviewers list as their favorites, and I suppose they were mine also Beyond those, Frost s work leaves me wondering why all the fuss My apologies to the throng of Frost Lovers everywhere.

    22. Huda AbuKhoti on said:

      Strangely enough my favorite poems weren t really related to nature Robert Frost first got me with his poem fire and ice I thought I knew what I was expecting before I started reading the poems, I was wrong though Not that I was disappointed in the content, it s just most of his poems are different than that particular one, which was my favorite Beautiful collection of genius poetry.

    23. John on said:

      Of course, this book has all the old favorites, all the great masterpieces But one of my favorite poems is the relatively obscure An Old Man s Winter Night That poem amazes me every time I read it

    24. Zachary on said:

      Robert Frost represents all that s wrong with American literature Frost did write some beautiful poetry about the weather, but it was overshadowed by cliches of American life and useless descriptions of rural New Hampshire.

    25. Lafcadio on said:

      Incredible index by title and first line I always find something new and exciting in this book every time I open it.

    26. A.L. Goulden on said:

      The first poet I knew I memorized I quoted I was nine and he was everything.

    27. Kris Spisak on said:

      I found out recently that my yet to be born son can hear the world around him What a better introduction to poetry, rhythm, nature, and language than Robert Frost I love this collection.

    28. Randy on said:

      What can one say but to be in awe of an American master of the poem I re read it yearly Check out West Running Brook

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