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Sold By Zana Muhsen Andrew Crofts Sold Zana Muhsen born and bred in Birmingham is of Yemeni origin When her father told her she was to spend a holiday with relatives in North Yemen she jumped at the chance Aged and respectively Z

  • Title: Sold
  • Author: Zana Muhsen Andrew Crofts
  • ISBN: 9780751509519
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sold By Zana Muhsen Andrew Crofts Zana Muhsen, born and bred in Birmingham, is of Yemeni origin When her father told her she was to spend a holiday with relatives in North Yemen, she jumped at the chance Aged 15 and 13 respectively, Zana and her sister discovered that they had been literally sold into marriage, and that on their arrival they were virtually prisoners They had to adapt to a completely aliZana Muhsen, born and bred in Birmingham, is of Yemeni origin When her father told her she was to spend a holiday with relatives in North Yemen, she jumped at the chance Aged 15 and 13 respectively, Zana and her sister discovered that they had been literally sold into marriage, and that on their arrival they were virtually prisoners They had to adapt to a completely alien way of life, with no running water, dung plastered walls, frequent beatings, and the ordeal of childbirth on bare floors with only old women in attendance After eight years of misery and humiliation Zana succeeded in escaping, but her sister is still there, and it seems likely that she will now never leave the country where she has spent than half her life This is an updated edition of Zana s account of her experiences.
    Sold By Zana Muhsen Andrew Crofts

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    • [PDF] Sold | by Ö Zana Muhsen Andrew Crofts
      437 Zana Muhsen Andrew Crofts

    One thought on “Sold

    1. PlatKat on said:

      Holy shit.Seriously, I have little to no words to describe this book It s not the most well written piece in the world, but I ll cut her some slack for being ripped from her native country of England at the young age of 16 and forced to speak another language for 8 years while she was beaten, raped, enslaved, and lied to, and as an added bonus, she got to watch her younger sister go through the same shit in the next town over See that run on sentence We can t all write beautifully when we re fra [...]

    2. Sandy on said:

      This brutal narrative by an English born young Yemeni woman and her sister who were sold into slavery by their father is absolutely horrific The girls were sent to Yemen on the pretext of a vacation to visit family then sold and married off in a vicious male dominated society One of the girls manages to escape, leaving behind her young child and her sister who could not bear to abandon her own child It is a heartless and brutal land to be born a female in and all I could think of was WHAT A BAST [...]

    3. Patve on said:

      Quiere leer sobre conductas machistas extremas lea esto y si ntase impotente y miserable de no poder ayudar a estas pobres mujeres Si ntase feliz de vivir en occidente y entienda el feminismo c mo igualdad de derechos No como una moda que promueve odiosidades que penaque rabiaque crudezate libro me sac ronchas

    4. Rana Abid on said:

      Done Amazing true story I can t stop reading it 8 years of fear and sadnesshope and disappointing of slavery under the name of marriage For fifteen year old zana and her sister nadia born and raised in Birmingham, a trip to visit relatives in Yemen sounded like a dream come true.But the holiday soon turned into a terrifying nightmare when they discovered that their father had sold then into arranged marriages For eight brutal years they lived as helpless prisoners forced to adapt to a harsh and [...]

    5. Fatma on said:

      it s bad written storye story is interesting but it s written in boring way.I didn t like the cover of the book it gives you the idea oh,Muslim women being treated like slave but the story is about a bully father and from pg 15 you understand that her mom and dad are not married and her father goes to the pub with his friends so he is not practicing Muslim all the story is about bully father with loads of culture problems treating his daughters and even you could say sons because he send one to [...]

    6. Elisabeth on said:

      Fascinating story, but poorly written This is the barebones story of two young teenagers who are sold into marriage by their Yemeni father The author finally makes it home to England, but has to leave her younger sister, son, niece, and nephew behind This all happened over thirty years ago, but I don t think much has changed in Yemen for women The father was truly wretched, but I thought the mother was a bit of a dope She had lost two other children in a similar manner previous to these two girl [...]

    7. sam sam blank on said:

      Memoir of two young English Yemeni sisters who are sold into marriage Literally, by their father Raised in England, they have reached teenage hood with all its challenges and rebellious behaviors Their Dad, convinces the girls to go on vacation to visit family in Yemen , where, upon their arrival at the relatives village, he sells them into marriage and returns to the UK They are cast into the tiny rural mountainous village where they are ruled by their husbands and male relatives and live as sl [...]

    8. JackieB on said:

      This was an extremely traumatic story, but due to the writing style, I felt somewhat distant from it I am relieved that the UK has completely overhauled it s attitude to forced marriages and Zana s mother would get help and support to get her children out of this situation if it happened now I don t want to sound unsympathetic about the people in this book, but I was surprised by how much Zana s mother trusted their father He had already taken two of her children out of the country and failed to [...]

    9. Lu on said:

      I usually find autobiographies or books that are telling a real life event kind of boring, and I normally find myself skipping some pages At the beginning of my journey through this book, this was what I expected However, Zana s thrilling and devastating experience had my eyes wide opened and I kept a firm grip with this group Sold tells a shocking story about two Yemeni sisters that were literally sold for 1,300 pounds each into marriage with Yemen man by their own father This happened when Zan [...]

    10. Camila on said:

      Realmente este es uno de mis libros favoritos que le en mi corta vida Mis pap s me lo prestaron cuando ten a doce a os,explic ndome que era una historia real y que era bastante fuerte,si quer a dejarlo en alg n momento que lo hiciera sin dudarlo Empec leyendo con incertidumbre,no sabia lo que me esperaba, pero a medida que me adentraba en la historia estaba casi tan p rdida como la protagonista sin poder entender que es lo que estaba pasando y enter ndome de las cosas al mismo tiempo que ella.Es [...]

    11. Jacqui on said:

      I brought this along with the follow up A promise to Nadia I can t recall the press coverage in the 80 s but this is still going on Young girls are sold by their family and taken out of the country my first question was whats going on with the school system why didn t anyone ask where the girls where You will feel angry at Zana s father and the men that brought her, sad for the girls who had lost their family and friends, frustration as their Mum battled to get them back and outrage that women c [...]

    12. Stephanie on said:

      Zana and Nadia s sold them and two older siblings to people in his homeland Yemen Their mother would have never allowed it to happen had she known Instead she thought the kids were going on vacation in Yemen It is appalling that countries allow their citizens to be treated this way It is surprising after losing her first two kids that their mother would have allowed Zana and Nadia to go What is really shameful is how Yemen allows this to happen and turns their back on the children this is happen [...]

    13. Irene Azuaje on said:

      Me doli lo que pas esa pobre chica desde la adolescencia, simplemente hay gente que no deber a reproducirse.

    14. Surymae on said:

      Ci sono dei libri che raccontano storie tragiche, strazianti, disturbanti, spesso autobiografiche Libri utilizzati per far luce su problemi fin troppo trascurati, e anche per un grido d aiuto da parte delle povere vittime Questo libro fa parte di questa categoria, e mi difficile darne un giudizio Massima solidariet a Zana Muhsen, ma purtroppo un libro non si pu valutare soltanto in base alla tristezza della storia raccontata o alle ingiustizie subite dalla protagonista E purtroppo, valutando que [...]

    15. Marina on said:

      Books 06 2015 Buku ini untuk memenuhiNew Authors Reading Challenge 2015 Ada perasaan yang tercekat di dalam hati ketika selesai membaca buku ini Antara sedih dan frustasi ketika lagi lagi saya mengetahui bahwa di salah satu negeri timur tengah sana masih banyak wanita wanita yang dibawah umur dipaksa menikah dengan lelaki yang tidak mereka kenal Salah satunya adalah Zana Muhsen dan adiknya Nadia Muhsen Sebelumnya mereka adalah keluarga imigran yang berasal dari Yaman yang hiduo nyaman dan tenang [...]

    16. Lucy Sands on said:

      Probably one of the most harrowing and compelling reads This autobiography told by Zana, one of two young teenage sisters from Birmingham, whose father told them he was taking them abroad for a holiday, but instead sold them into marriage and slavery to boys they had never met and who lived in the Yemeni mountains.In the Yemen were forced to live in poverty stricken villages and were cruelly treated Every day they walked over rocky terrain to draw water from a well they were battered and raped a [...]

    17. L.L. on said:

      Nie bardzo wiem co powiedzie na temat tej ksi ki Interesuj ca wiadomo Wstrz saj ca ma o jest rzeczy, kt re potrafi jeszcze mnie wstrz sn Jest ciekawa, jak si czyta to si my li o tej historii, a to lubi w ksi kach e historia g wnych bohaterek jest smutna i trudna do wyobra enia sobie, to oczywiste, dlatego chcia bym doda kilka s w na temat ich m w Ch opcy m odsi od nich, tak samo wpakowani w ma e stwa przez swoich ojc w bo taka tradycja , nie miej cy si im przeciwstawi , przera eni prawie tak sam [...]

    18. Ms. Please Pass The Books on said:

      This book absolutely ticks every box for me when it comes to a captivating story innocence, conflict, determination, hope, and survival It is all packaged in a book that delivers a well written, easy to read flow that I could not put down.The synopsis is well enough described throughout the reviews and book description What isn t described is the journey of emotion the author takes you on There is no glossing over the life of this woman, a child sold into marriage in a foreign country, and even [...]

    19. BadriyaBintuwaih on said:

      SoldZana Muhsen with Andrew Crofts True Story Zana and Nadia born and raised in Birmingham.Their father is Yemeni and mother is from England which means they are dual nationality In 1980 their father sold them for another Yemeni menZana for Abdullah and Nadia for MohammedThey are sold as wives for them When actually their father told them they will just go for six week period for a holiday.For 8 years they suffered from the hard work, abused and bitten up tooZana is a strong naturally not like h [...]

    20. Caroline Morphett on said:

      Although it s not the most well written book, i couldn t put it down after the first page The story of the excruciatingly painful life changes these girls went through, all because of their own belligerent father, is one we should all know Although it is grim at times, reading about Zana s story and her courageous fight gives you perspective of what life for other women who have no power over their lives, and where they lead Reading this not only raises awareness of what goes on miles away in co [...]

    21. Harun Harahap on said:

      pas baca buku niemosi gw terbawa lhokarena gw tau ni cerita kisah nyata makin membuat gw ESSSMOOOSIIII yadi jaman orang beli apapun via interneth ada aj perdagangan manusiaPERBUDAKAN lebih tepatnyaapalgi ni terjadi di negara arabYAMAN khususnyabukankah ni malah menjelek jelekkan citra islammpah gw terharu banged sama perjuangan zana.mpah dia adalah WANITA HEBAT pernah menyerahdan akhirnya mendapatkan kemerdekaann btw kenapa gw kasih 5 bintang.paya orang bisa baca buku ni n aware bahwa masih ad p [...]

    22. Felicia A on said:

      Very sad and tragic, what happened to these girls, at the hands of their own bastard father Another book, though, that I cannot rate with a number of stars because it s somebody s LIFE we re talking about.For anyone who reads this, know that there was a follow up book, A Promise to Nadia The first one, Sold, details how the sister, Zana, eventually got out of Yemen A Promise to Nadia haven t read it yet is said to detail the saga of getting the sister, Nadia, out of Yemen Don t know yet if she m [...]

    23. Josune Murgoitio on said:

      Recuerdo cuando era muy peque a, tendr a unos ocho a os, y mi madre le a much simo en aquella poca Y de su estanter a recuerdo que el libro Vendidas me llam much simo la atenci n Es de esos libros que te dejan marcada, te hacen pensar, llegas a cabrearte Este libro, basado en un hecho real, representa la crudeza de la situaci n de la mujer en Yemen, un libro de estremecedor relato que narra la situaci n de dos hermanas que son vendidas a dos hombres por su propio padre Un libro recomendable para [...]

    24. Ririn Marina on said:

      A heartbreaking appeal How could those Arab men buy girls from overseas, claimed that they re married with documents whipped from no where, and without properly solemnised the marriage ceremony I just can t imagine, modern British girls being sold to Arab men and to lead life of peasants among the deserts and mountains of Yemen, with no modern facilities, and forced to be the slaves of their in laws

    25. Abilio on said:

      Zana e Nadia, filhas de pai iemenita e m o brit nica, vivem em Inglaterra Um dia, ap s o in cio daquilo que pensavam ser umas f rias de sonho, viram se casadas for a numa aldeia perdida do I men, onde vieram a sofrer toda a casta de viol ncias e humilha es Ap s oito anos de luta, Zana conseguiu fugir Mas Nadia, a sua filha e um sobrinho continuam ainda prisioneiros Zana e a m e juraram a si pr prias faz los sair do I men

    26. Barbara Ab on said:

      Questa una testimonianza, quindi non un racconto, non mi piace definire racconti questo tipi di libri Atroce, perch ci fa aprire gli occhi sul fatto che ci sono delle differenze culturali che non vengono quasi mai superate Spero serva a far aprire gli occhi a tutti quelli che si illudono e a quelle donne che stupidamente continuano a farsi rovinare la vita non volendo vedere in faccia la realt.

    27. NightGold on said:

      I read this book about two years ago, and it didn t make a huge impression on me as there are many other books on this topic In RS today, we watched the documentary of this book, and actually seeing where they lived, and hearing their voices makes the book real and sad I really recommend seeing the documentary when reading this, it makes you sympathize with them much , and the story is truly heartwrenching

    28. Sandra on said:

      Finito di leggere E un libro duro, che fa riflettere sulla triste condizione femminile nei paesi arabi, non credo sia una storia isolata ma che siano situazioni che si verificano pi spesso di quanto pensiamo.

    29. Indira Iljas on said:

      masih meninggalkan tanda tanya penyebab ayah zana menjual anak2nya kisah ayah zana sewaktu kecil spt apa hingga orang tuanya benci kepada dirinya bagaimana nasib nadia dan anak2nya saat ini

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