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A Promise To Nadia

A Promise To Nadia By Zana Muhsen Andrew Crofts A Promise To Nadia Ten years ago Zana Muhsen escaped from the life of slavery in the Yemen into which her father had sold her as a child bride leaving behind her baby son her sister Nadia and Nadia s two small childr

  • Title: A Promise To Nadia
  • Author: Zana Muhsen Andrew Crofts
  • ISBN: 9780316852302
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Promise To Nadia By Zana Muhsen Andrew Crofts Ten years ago Zana Muhsen escaped from the life of slavery in the Yemen into which her father had sold her as a child bride, leaving behind her baby son, her sister Nadia, and Nadia s two small children As she described so powerfully in her book Sold, Zana made a solemn vow to Nadia that she would do everything she possibly could obtain their freedom as well This book teTen years ago Zana Muhsen escaped from the life of slavery in the Yemen into which her father had sold her as a child bride, leaving behind her baby son, her sister Nadia, and Nadia s two small children As she described so powerfully in her book Sold, Zana made a solemn vow to Nadia that she would do everything she possibly could obtain their freedom as well This book tells the story of those ten years of the family s lone campaign against the Yemeni authorities of the refusal of their own government in London to help and of the despair that forced them into a desperate deal with an unofficial military style organization specializing in the recovery of abducted children.
    A Promise To Nadia By Zana Muhsen Andrew Crofts

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    • Unlimited A Promise To Nadia - by Zana Muhsen Andrew Crofts
      120 Zana Muhsen Andrew Crofts

    One thought on “A Promise To Nadia

    1. Rehab Qasim on said:

      Even though this book is written in an easy to follow, smooth language, made me wonder what was the point of writing a second book when all that had to be said was said in the first book Sold , there is a thin line between criticizing a specific condition and criticizing the whole nation for a single faulty The on going dilemma of linking violence to Islam without understanding the basics.

    2. Hidi on said:

      Almost nothing happens in this book.The whole book could have been condensed into a few pages

    3. Sıla Filiz on said:

      Yazar n ilk kitab Annemi bir kez daha g rebilsem i severek ve heyecanla okudum Cevaplanmas gereken sorular ve z mlenmesi gereken problemler vard kinci bir devam kitab n n oldu unu renince g zlerim parlad ve hemen ald m ikinci kitap, birinci kitab n havada kalan hi bir sorusunu cevapland rmad gibi beni bo du Ticari kayg lar ve maddi unsurlar i in yaz ld na tamamiyle emin oldum A k konu mak gerekirse, zana n n annesinin evlili i ve ya kitab n sonunda ocuklar n hal st nde ev devlerini yapmas beni p [...]

    4. Vivian on said:

      I loved the first book This is the second book, I think that this book really wrapped me around the book It made me feel the annoyance and anger that Zana felt When Zana felt anger, I could feel anger rising within me too Her story is horrifying and sad, and this book and her first one sold both really capture the story I really used visualizing in this book because the way that she explained her story made e visualize her hardships she went through Visualizing helped me by being able to feel in [...]

    5. Irene Azuaje on said:

      Sinceramente en este libro pas mucha rabia, en especial con los que deber an proteger a los ciudadanos.Pero no, simplemente prefieren hacer como que nada est sucediendo.

    6. Shahrun on said:

      This book summarised the story begun in Sold by these authors Without Mercy Sold s companion book, written by Zana s Mother , then brings everything up to date as of 2000 Having very recently read the two previous books, I was disappointed by the large amount of recapping But considering the time gaps when the books were originally published, I see it was necessary I felt Zana was missing from Sold However, in this one it feels like time has done some healing a was able to be open, which filled [...]

    7. Saskia 'follow my shoes' Smith on said:

      Like i said on the previous book in the series, this really touches on how badly women are treat in countries like Yemen and just how far behind the times they are Its a great read, you feel what the writers is trying to put across, along with the mix of emotions, incl being trapped, escaping and her sister opting to stay behind and tolerate the rape, beatings and abuse because of her children Its a heartfelt true life story and well worth the read.

    8. Janitag on said:

      Easy read, but I kind of do not understand the point of writing this book with the first book on the same subject by Zana Muhsen and with the book written by her mother which pretty much covers the whole story There wasn t anything new.But, you know, all in all, the subject is cruel and good and should be brought to the knowdledge of people to make them see that this still happens in the world.

    9. Felicia A on said:

      I read this in one sitting this evening.just came in the mail today from Bookmooch Sad.d another book I cannot rate with a number of stars It s someone s actual LIFE and deserves than stars.

    10. Pure on said:

      This is a follow up to the book SOLD and is truly remarkable in the efforts of this lady to free her sister that is still in yemen living in horrible conditions against her will, it is really a touching story of sisterly love.I LOVE THIS BOOK

    11. BadriyaBintuwaih on said:

      this is the continuation of the first bookwhen I looked at the writers instagram page I noticed that on 2015 her sister was free again

    12. Daisy Honeywell on said:

      I read this book after reading Sold by Zana Muhsen Most of us know the story of Zana and Nadia, that were sold as slaves in Yemen and forced to became wives of two yemenis in one of the most poor villages They had children, were treated like beasts, were sexualy and psychologically abused and were separeted from their home country, England After 8 years of agony and drama, finally Zana was liberated but not Nadia Before Zana left, she promised to Nadia, her sister, that she will help her to be f [...]

    13. Mullmuzzler on said:

      La continuaci n de la estremecedora historia contada por Zana Muhsen en su libro Vendidas , explicando los sucesos posteriores a la publicaci n del primer libro, dando detalle sobre las actividades realizadas para cumplir la promesa a Nadia la cual no comentar para no dar spoliers Un libro solo recomendado para quienes hayan le do el primero Sin ser pretencioso en su redacci n, explica de manera clara y bien escrita en general, la forma en que la burocracia, la corrupci n e indiferencia est pres [...]

    14. Fernanda on said:

      Despu s de leer Vendidas y sin compasi n este libro me pareci menos trabajado en la narraci n sin embargo cumple con en objetivo de informar sobre la burocracia y la discriminaci n que hoy d a contin an ejerciendo en contra de las personas que no tienen poder ni influencia me quedo con una sabor amargo acompa ado de impotencia por una causa que parece no tener un final y me deja consternada la lectura me pareci lenta tanto por el texto como por la avalancha de emociones que gener en mi es una tr [...]

    15. chucklesthescot on said:

      The story of Zana and Nadia continues and is equally as shocking as the first book Zana is now safe at home in the UK and campaigning in the media for the release of her sister who is still in Yemen with her children Attempts to meet Nadia are thwarted and she is being forced to say that she wants to stay when it is clear that she wants to come home Even sections of the media seem to think that Zana should just forget her campaign It shocked me that this saga was still going on with no prospect [...]

    16. Diana on said:

      Als je Nog eenmaal mijn moeder zien hebt gelezen moet je dit boek wel lezen Een heel mooi boek waar echte liefde van moeder en zus naar voren komt Het is een boek die je van begin tot het eind aan spreekt en helaas komt dit maar al te veel voor Een aanrader

    17. Laura on said:

      A good follow up to keep people updated Sad to discover how long ago this book was written though, we need another updated update The book did cover a lot of the same ground and I felt I was reading a lot of the same things over and over, however considering that this is non fiction, Zana DID go through the same situations over and over again, having her hopes dashed time after time, so it read true to life.

    18. Bianca on said:

      For me, this was a much awaited continuation of the first book, Sold But this was a total let down I was interested to see if Nadia was freed or what had happened since Zana Muhsen wrote the original book This continuing story is not nearly as heart rending or riveting, and there s not all that much action Not surprisingly it s about Zana s battle against government entities, her media relations, etc and it s a seemingly sad, unending battle at that.

    19. sam sam blank on said:

      This is a follow up to the book SOLD and is truly remarkable in the efforts of Zana to free her sister Nadia that is still in yemen living in horrible conditions against her will, it is really a touching story of sisterly love I personally think Zana needs to move on with her life There s no way those narrow minded man she s surrounded by will ever let her go Nadia also seems content in her life.

    20. Lu on said:

      I found this book kind of unecessary of course it explained what had happened ever since Sold the first book had been published The book answered many of my questions but I felt as if it could be summarized in a couple of pages and that it was only written in an attempt to make some money I just hope Nadia is able to get home safe and sound

    21. Jenn on said:

      Better written logistically than the first book Not sure what I was expecting as I had already google d the outcome of Nadia s story Not as heart wrenching as Sold but still an interesting follow up of all the behind the scenes.

    22. Jacqui on said:

      I brought this in a bind up deal and I m so glad I got the teo books together because I was desperate to know what happened to Zana and Nadia Very moving I made the mistake of googling Zana to see if there was an update should have done that aftetr I finsihed the book.Glad I read it

    23. Constantina on said:

      An intresting yet saddening update about the story of Zana Muhsen s sister,Nadia The level of indifference and corruption of the British government and other people of power described by Z.Muhsen was quite scandalous.

    24. Bachyboy on said:

      I should put stars cos I appreciate and sympathise with the subject of this book and the huge effort she went to get her sister Nadia out of Yemen Can t help feeling that the British Govt let them all down.

    25. Roma on said:

      Shocking story, though not very well written and or translated I read it in Dutch.

    26. Maria Kurtèn on said:

      Was not as good as Sold, but it answered many questions.I liked it, and really enjoyed reading it

    27. Frances on said:

      A great follow on from Sold Both books opened my eyes to a totally alien way of life A horrific tale in this day and age that these things are still allowed to go on.

    28. Coral Edwards on said:

      So sad that this happened and that no one has done anything to help Nadia and her children Also the author s son Marcus.

    29. Stefanie on said:

      i read the book and i cried, its bad to read this and it makes my angry that nobody can do anything for this familie i will pray for them tonight

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