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White Time

White Time By Margo Lanagan White Time From the remarkable mind that brought readers the award winning stories of Black Juice comes an equally haunting collection of science fiction and fantasy tales

  • Title: White Time
  • Author: Margo Lanagan
  • ISBN: 9780060743932
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Hardcover
  • White Time By Margo Lanagan From the remarkable mind that brought readers the award winning stories of Black Juice comes an equally haunting collection of science fiction and fantasy tales.
    White Time By Margo Lanagan

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    • Unlimited White Time - by Margo Lanagan
      267 Margo Lanagan

    One thought on “White Time

    1. Nancy on said:

      Posted at Shelf Inflicted Anthologies are fun to read because they feature a wide variety of authors and styles With their hit or miss qualities, however, they can also end up being disappointing If I run into a real dud of a story, do I set the book aside and pick up something else or skip the story and continue reading I have several partially read anthologies just because that dud was stuck somewhere in the middle Short stories by one author are a little different At least I can expect consi [...]

    2. Tatiana on said:

      My second Margo Lanagan s collection of short stories While enjoyable, it is less compelling than Red Spikes First, unlike Red Spikes which had a feel magical realism throughout, White Time is a blend of genres it consists of sci fi, fantasy and distopian stories It makes the collection a little uneven.And second, a couple of stories are just a little too sketchy for my taste and not very successful in bringing their points across Welcome Blue, for instance, a story about the arrival of aliens w [...]

    3. John on said:

      I have a copy of Lanagan s multiple award winning first collection Black Juice somewhere in the house I began reading it when it first came out, but for some reason I was interrupted and I never got back to it On the strength of this second collection I should make a bit of an effort to dig Black Juice out On the strength of the best of this second collection, anyway Although there s no doubt that Lanagan has a strong control of voice a sometimes excellent imagination, on several occasions here [...]

    4. Gray on said:

      It was Neil Gaiman s glowing recommendation of Lanagan s Black Juice which first brought the author to my attention Black Juice s opening story, Singing my Sister Down , is a mesmerizing piece of short fiction which left a deep impression on me when I first read it So, I was looking forward to reading this, her first collection, and comparing the two books Which means a re read of Black Juice is in order Readers are dropped into Lanagan s worlds with minimal exposition Accordingly, I will try to [...]

    5. Hallie on said:

      I read Black Juice by this author and loved it, so I was excited to discover another collection of her short stories It s good, but none of the stories stuck with me the way a few of the stories from Black Juice did One thing I especially approve of in her writing is that she doesn t waste any time on exposition The reader is dumped in medias res and left to figure out when and where he is not always an obvious task, since she likes to play with alternate realities magical realism etc Some short [...]

    6. Arminzerella on said:

      This is one of the best collections of short stories that I ve ever read you should probably take that recommendation with a grain of salt because I rarely read short stories it s a vicious circle, I read some and hate them and swear off them for awhile until I hear something intriguing, and then I read some , hate them and swear off them again Her stories are science fiction future oriented otherworldly They go places and explore things They d be great read alouds The first one, White Time take [...]

    7. Rhea on said:

      My thoughts so far White Time Complex, meaningful, imaginative a wonderful opening 4 stars Dedication Tell and Kiss A teen with problems story twisted with magic realism Sad, real, and hopeful 4 stars The Queen s Notice Big Rage How interesting we humans are, that a few sheets of paper can make us laugh and cry and fall in love In this case, I fell in love with the protagonist in a mere 20 pages She s a fantastic example of a strong female character not the kick ass type who are in many cases we [...]

    8. Michelle Moore on said:

      Margo Lanagan is an award winning Australian writer This book was my introduction to her writing, and it certainly won t be my last, as I intend to find out .White Time was originally published ten years ago, and I ve read reviews which feel that it s not as polished as her later stories This may be so, and makes me even interested in her other books, but what this collection shows is a vivid imagination and an adaptable writing style.This is a YA collection, and whilst some do have that feel t [...]

    9. Tranna Foley on said:

      Presents ten short stories, both dark and hopeful, that journey into the past, the future, and altered versions of the present From library catalog recordThis book of short stories is weirdbut interesting It is definitely not for everyone If you are very interested in fantasy or science fiction or just strange stories, you may like it Some stories I really liked and others were just okay Review from Booklist Although this is the second story collection by Australian author Lanagan to reach Ameri [...]

    10. Kritika on said:

      Some of these stories were amazing, and others, I didn t understand I was expecting science fiction and blending of time, but this anthology seemed like a random bunch of stories stuck together I didn t see the thematic link as well as I saw it in Black Juice.My favorite story from this anthology was Dedication dressing the battle scarred and mutilated princess so that her father never notices that his once beautiful daughter is any different The dedication ceremony at the end of it and the r [...]

    11. Marg on said:

      My odyssey through the short story collections of Margo Lanagan continues This time, I travel through White Time Once again, the worlds that Margo Lanagan creates vary from similar to our worlds to completely different but the emotions that we are exposed to are always familiar and always moving Read the rest of my review at theintrepidreader 2011

    12. Kifflie on said:

      It s been a few years since I read Lanagan s Black Juice, so I was looking forward to enjoying this collection And I wasn t disappointed Lanagan is phenomenal at creating believable, eerie worlds in just a few pages Just when you get used to living in an ant colony The Queen s Notice , Lanagan pops you into the world of tiny wish fulfilling sprites Midnight Mission Just marvelous work, and well worth reading.

    13. P. on said:

      These stories have a lot of ideas packed into them My favorite is the title story It has a great sense of sadness, inevitability, and wasted restlessness of life, as well as a weird premise that was explained just enough.Sure, sometimes Lanagan s language calls attention to itself but not in a way that is pleased with itself Maybe a bit peacocky That s what I want, though, when I read her.

    14. LaLa on said:

      Margo doesn t tell you the rules Her bad guys don t explain their motivation Her good guys don t walk around in shining armor Instead reading each of these tales takes you to a distict place where even if you don t know the rules and you can t name the planet you can smell and see and taste and feel everything deeply.

    15. Willow Curtis on said:

      After reading the first four stories, I set the book down and thought I wasn t going to finish it However, after reading something else I was able to pick the book up again and get through it I m glad I did Out of the 10 stories in this anthology, my favorite were The Boy Who Didn t Yearn and Wealth The others were Okay.

    16. Roby on said:

      One thing Lanagan does do very well in these stories is show don t tell In most of the stories, the narrator speaks as if we already know the rules of their world, rather than explaining, and the reader must figure things out through context.

    17. Charlotte on said:

      Maybe it gets better later on, but I m giving up after 130 pages in because it is pretty boring and nothing exciting ever happens with the characters that you have no background on Not a good book.

    18. Krystal on said:

      Collection of short stories, the first of which is the story White Time Lanagan is one of the most amazing writers I ve come across Her verse is hypnotic and you can t go to sleep once you start one of her books Sleep comes upon completion else you lie awake wondering.

    19. Nicole on said:

      Had high expectations for this book but very disappointed Skim read the final 2 chapters The entire book made no sense to me at all Perhaps because it was teenage fiction I was too old for it Does not even get 1 star.

    20. Alison on said:

      I really liked some of these stories, but others weren t interesting to me Not as great as her other books Black Juice and Tender Morsels that I ve read.

    21. Christine on said:

      I m generally not fond of short stories, but these were excellent Technically young adult stories are quirky and just plain odd GREAT characters, real and in interesting circumstances

    22. Michelle on said:

      Compelling collection of short stories for young adults which I enjoyed thoroughly.

    23. Nightfalltwen on said:

      This just goes to show that I have no interest in short stories Especially ones that are trying too hard This collection was trying just too damn hard to be existential or something.

    24. Amber on said:

      this is what i say so far about this book not sure i get it yet anyone else

    25. Kate on said:

      After I finished this book, I still had no idea what it was about But, it was niceI guess

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