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In Between

In Between By Jenny B. Jones In Between Unlike most kids teenage Katie Parker never got a fair shot at a normal life With a mother in jail and a missing in action dad she s never known what it s like to truly be loved Low on options and f

  • Title: In Between
  • Author: Jenny B. Jones
  • ISBN: 9781600060984
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Between By Jenny B. Jones Unlike most kids, teenage Katie Parker never got a fair shot at a normal life With a mother in jail and a missing in action dad, she s never known what it s like to truly be loved Low on options and family members, she s soon shipped off to a foster home Now in an unfamiliar town, Katie s rebellious attitude is at odds with her new family, school, and classmates And afUnlike most kids, teenage Katie Parker never got a fair shot at a normal life With a mother in jail and a missing in action dad, she s never known what it s like to truly be loved Low on options and family members, she s soon shipped off to a foster home Now in an unfamiliar town, Katie s rebellious attitude is at odds with her new family, school, and classmates And after falling in with all the wrong people at school, things go from bad to really bad after she takes the blame for vandalizing the local performing arts theater.But in the midst of a dark situation, Katie finds light in the most unexpected places through her new friendship with an eccentric senior, the commitment of her foster family, and a tragic secret that changed them forever And as she inches closer to acceptance and forgiveness, she finds that God has been there all along.
    In Between By Jenny B. Jones

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    • [PDF] In Between | by ✓ Jenny B. Jones
      271 Jenny B. Jones

    One thought on “In Between

    1. Jill Williamson on said:

      I haven t laughed so hard from reading a book ever Jenny B Jones debut novel, In Between, is a hysterical read Katie Parker s mom is in prison, and Katie is shipped off to live with pretend o parents, James and Millie Scott in the small town of In Between, Texas When Katie discovers her new foster dad is a pastor, she dresses Goth for the first day of school, certain Millie won t let her out of the house Her plans backfire and Katie is not only forced to go to school with black fingernails, but [...]

    2. Ivie on said:

      Oh my goodness, what an amazing book At first, it was slow and boring for me A lot of telling instead of showing was happening Then, Katie got snarkier and snarkier I didn t want to put this book down I think I have found another author to add to my list of favorites It doesn t hurt that her name sounds similar to a childhood favorite book series of mine Story WorldContemporary Texas in the fictional town of In Between Not much to say, except it s a small town, which is so dreamy to me PlotThe p [...]

    3. Katie on said:

      While I am a big suspense reader, every so often I like picking up a book that will make me laugh from start to finish In Between achieved that desire to the fullest From the first chapter, Katie s personality and dry sense of humor had me grinning from ear to ear Be prepared to get many weird looks from people around you as you all but roll in laughter, but this book was sooo worth looking like a fool LOL Jenny B Jones did an amazing job at writing the main character, Katie Nothing about Katie [...]

    4. Goddess Of Blah on said:

      This book is enough to not only put you off religion but swear your allegiance to the devil image error It s ridiculously annoying I generally do enjoy Christian romance I don t even mind some of the preachy types But this book albeit not preachy is ANNOYING Because it tries too hard to be hip and funny with DUMB JOKES Instead I wanted to invade that place and start an anti Christ orgy fest.Example there s an incident relating to our heroine Katie being caught breaking into a theatre However, sh [...]

    5. Melody on said:

      I have to admit that I was skeptical of this book when I first began Having never read anything by Jenny B Jones before, I had no idea of her writing style and I ve read a few other books dealing with characters in the foster care system and I was dreading wading through the sad reality of the very real struggles and injustices of foster care in general I quickly found myself drawn in by Katie and her situation This kid has my sense of humor The deeper I got into the book, the deeper it felt lik [...]

    6. Cecelia on said:

      This book was HILARIOUS Seriously, you ll find yourself, smiling, laughing and just enjoying this light, funny story about a teen aged foster child Katie Parker s mom is in prison, and now she finds herself part of the foster care system A husband and wife want Katie to live with them as their foster child in In Between Texas When Katie gets to In Between, she s thrown into a life that s as foreign to her as if she were living in a different country Her foster dad is a pastor, her foster mom is [...]

    7. Salha on said:

      At first I thought I was going to hate this book Katie s behavior and comments made me roll my eyes every second throughout the first ten chapters of so I felt as if I was reading about a twelve year old girl, instead of a sixteen year old.After the Valiant incident, I began to see some change within Katie I really liked where the character development took her, she kicked all those bad expectations people had of her in the butt Way to go, Katie I ve seen people complaining a lot about this bein [...]

    8. Hannah on said:

      I LOVE Jenny B Jones Anything Jenny writes I m bound to love She has this tough with contemp comedy She can just hook you in I read her Charmed Life Trilogy before I got a tie parker I fell in love with Charmed Life Every single book just made me Laugh out Loud and have a great time enjoying a fun, fresh story Same with Katie Parker This is an LOL book I loved Katie s character She s struggling at the beginning to deal with family problems and adjusting to a new foster home and fitting in, but r [...]

    9. Kelli on said:

      Jenny B Jones has the funniest dialog Her books are so good to read just for the laughs Even if the story lines aren t even captivating me, I d still wanna read her stories just for the dialog.This one is cute and heartbreaking at the same time It s highly empathic but at the same time fun to read, and the author pulls that mix off in compelling ways Jenny B Jones understands teenagers and the way they think She definitely has carved out time to write how a teenage foster care girl should feel, [...]

    10. Halee on said:

      Couldn t stop reading this book So much to the point of staying up past midnight reading in my bed, with my eyes burning of being tired Anyway, all of Katie s the main character in the book problems are real life I have to say that whenever the author includes fake or unrealistic issues that the character goes through irritates me.And this book was completely unaccusable of my pet peeve I don t want to reveal to much of this treasure bound in a cover so I m signing off READ THIS BOOK And remembe [...]

    11. Sarah Grace on said:

      Hilariously witty, relatable, captivating, and inspiring, I loved this book This is one of those books you make a million highlights in, and go back and read them at random when you need cheering up The only downfall was there is some crudeness girl talk , if I am remembering correctly.

    12. Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls) on said:

      About this book Can we overcome our past Katie Parker is about to get a new life whether she wants one or not With her mom in prison, and her father AWOL, Katie is sent to live with a squeaky clean family who could have their own sitcom She launches a full scale plan to get sent back to the girls home when she finds herself in over her headd heart When Katie and her new wrong crowd get into significant trouble at school, she finds her punishment is restoring a historic theater with a crazy grand [...]

    13. Dalton Mosher on said:

      Katie Parker is a foster child, her mother is in prison and she might as well be with her because her life is horrible Especially because some people have decided that they want her to be their foster child Never even meeting this family she is forced to move in with them and try to live normal whatever that is Katie is sure that before a week is even up they are going to have her kicked out and back to the Sunny Haven Home for Girls Maybe if she s a bad kid they will kick her out Nope Even afte [...]

    14. Jenika Ioffreda on said:

      The main character seemed very interesting and funny and I had a nice time reading about her but after a while I couldn t stand it any and I stopped reading I endured less than half book.First of all it was quite offensive to every Goth person who would read the book sorry baby, having black clothes and black nail polish doesn t make you automatically an outcast But it seems the heroine and every other character of the story thought so.And so much talking about God and church It was a free downl [...]

    15. Avery Joy on said:

      I absolutely loved this book I m super excited to read the next

    16. Cara Putman on said:

      I now understand why my teen loved this book and series I listened to it as an audiobook, and the narrator was perfect A sweet story of self discovery.

    17. C.J. Darlington on said:

      UPDATE Read this book for the second time because I needed something light to read, and once again it totally made me crack up I loved it A fantastic book to read if you re dealing with anything stressful and just need an escape In Between is one of a few novels I ve read where I ve actually cracked up every time I read it and on every other page I kid you not.But not only is In Between laugh out loud funny, Jenny manages to weave serious issues into her stories right alongside the humor And som [...]

    18. Alicia Willis on said:

      15 for teenage content.I downloaded this book on a whim, mainly because it looked cute, clean, and was free I was not expecting to be hooked to the story I had a hard time with the cynical POV at first Katie seemed like a typical sixteen year old some of the time The rest of the time, she was the mid forties master of sarcasm and wit on steroids Yes, she was hilarious Or just plain cynical Or way too insensitive She had a charm and frustration all her own.The story was basic, if not predictable [...]

    19. Taylor on said:

      Should have read the summary thoroughly because I totally missed the last sentence about God being there Now, I m not totally against Christian books, but with the amount of preaching that goes on in this book, there should have been mention of it in the summary As an atheist who grew up in the church, it was painful to read Everything was so black and white Church was good, goth was bad, all teenagers hang out with their exact group and only talk about their one interest That s not what high [...]

    20. Georgette on said:

      This was an enjoyable read for me The book was funny, Maxine was hilarious, and it had a light feel considering some of the topics it touched on.I am not one to read others reviews and form opinions of their opinions but I m going to today I have noticed far too often that reviewers will rip a book for its genre If you do not like having religion thrown at you in the form of a book, why on earth are you picking up Christian Fiction This particular book is listed under Christian Fiction and even [...]

    21. Lilian on said:

      I thought the story line was captivating It had its funny dialogue in it When I read the book, I kind of felt like I was Katie Like I could feel her emotions The storyline kept me going through all three books I think these books are great for anyone.

    22. J.C. on said:

      I loved everything about In Between by Jenny B Jones The characters, the set, the plotline everything There was just enough twists, turns, and mystery to keep me wondering, but the characters were enough to make me want to finish it It was a true story of a girl adapting to a new home I greatly look forward to reading the second.Katie is a hysterical main charater She s always got another sassy comment, another idea, another opinion of the world I laughed out loud several times thanks to Katie s [...]

    23. Andrea on said:

      I really really liked this book When I got this book in I didn t thought I was going to have such a good time reading it I don t normally read christian books but this one let me wanting It was so funny and there was a part a laughed so hard I even woke up my aunt I was reading it in the night and it was really late This was a sweet and an easy read story where the main characters is Katie,and is told from her POV Katie Parker is about to get a new life whether she wants one or not With her mo [...]

    24. Katrina Burchett on said:

      When her mother was given a prison sentence for selling drugs, Katie Parker was sent to the Sunny Haven Home for girls She d been at the home for six months and had just started to figure out how to survive there when she had to move Pastor James Scott and his wife, Millie had agreed to take Katie in as their foster daughter Katie had felt alone most of her life and she had to deal with difficult situations beyond her control, so for her there was no hope for a better day She questioned God s lo [...]

    25. Juli Hoffman on said:

      Loved it A Heartwarming Clean YA That ISN T Sickening SweetThe first couple of chapters were a little rough The words didn t exactly sound like those of a sixteen year old girl That said, I m so glad I kept on reading.This is the story of Katie Parker and her new foster family While most YA novels turn sixteen year old protagonists into angsty, lovesick morons, Katie is intelligent and strong She grows as a character She helps those around her without sappy She has a hefty amount of sarcastic wi [...]

    26. Zoe Race on said:

      Awesome book I mean, its amazing I have NEVER read a book with so many jokes, good sarcasm and depth I it Katie Parker is SO funny I loved all the characters and couild relate to them somewhat The end was a huge turnabout for me So glad they made it realistic Katie s story comes from none wants me so I don t care to a life worth living Her obvious passions, and love for her friends and parents touches my heart This story is about how a foster girl, seemingly a mess, lightens the life of those ar [...]

    27. Cindy Barbour on said:

      Yes the plot was predictable, but the inner dialogue of Katie Parker left me laughing out loud several times Most everyone remembers their rebellious teenage years and this book delivered not only a great message but also a few hundred laughs.

    28. Renee on said:

      Touching, Funny, Katie Parker s Story Is a WinnerKatie Parker is a wonderful character, kind of a modern day Anne Shirley This heartwarming story made me laugh cry I ordered the whole series in hard copy for my students Loved it

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